What happens to a users assets after deletion of user?

When we delete that user, what happens to their assets? So anything they have added to existing boards and also any boards that they have created from scratch?
There could be private boards they created and nobody else is a member, or boards where other people are members also.

How is this handled by Infinity? Is this transferred to the owner?

Hey @scholvien,

I have to be honest and say that I’m not 100% sure.

I have pinged our CEO, CTO & Product Manager to share the answer.

If I don’t receive an answer in 24 hours, I’ll recreate the environment and use case myself and see. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Hey @scholvien,

User and all personal data are removed. Boards, folders and items that specific user has created are still there.

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OK, so for the boards that are left, will I be the owner of them as the account admin?

I wanted to follow up on this one again. As it is still not clear to me what happens when users get deleted.

We have numerous users and they might create boards that only they can see and other content. So when we delete a user, what happens to all the stuff they added? Is it being transferred to an admin? or is it just deleted altogether? Or how does the system behave?

Hi @scholvien, sorry for only getting back to you on this now.

So, basically - the owner of the workspace (and lifetime deal account) is the owner of everything in that workspace, including the boards created by others. So, if your team member creates a board for themselves, you will still be able to see it and they can be the admin (if you have given them the role of an admin in that workspace), but you will be the owner even if you don’t actually work in that board.

So, if a team member leaves a workspace, these boards they have created will stay of course, and you will remain the owner. You can easily delete these boards, edit them or do whatever you wish with them.

If we’re talking about workspaces, this is a different story (but I’m not sure if you were interested in that). Basically each user can create their own workspaces. So, let’s say I am a part of your team and your lifetime deal - if you invite me to 3 of your workspaces, I will only be the admin or member of them and you would be the owner.

But, I can say - hey I like Infinity, and I want to purchase a lifetime deal for myself and create one workspace for myself. This will be my personal workspace, I will be the owner of it and nobody else would be able to see it (unless I invite them). And even if you remove me from your workspaces, I will still be able to use my personal workspace.

I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jovana for the detailed explanation!
Would someone then be able to move/duplicate boards from the business workspace to the personal one?

Anytime @micck!

They won’t be able to do that because if you wish to move a board, you need to be the owner of both the current workspace that board is in and the destination workspace. That way we wanted to prevent privacy issues that would occur if everyone was able to just move boards wherever they want.

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