What is the purpose of the Source Folder attribute?

I’ve had a look on this page and don’t see an explanation for it. What’s the use case for the attribute?


Hi @brettj, Source Folder is an attribute that is created automatically if you create subfolders under any folder. This is created to be able to give you an overview of the parent folder together with its subfolders. If you click on a parent folder, by default, the data will be grouped by source folder so you can basically see which data is coming from which subfolder (and parent folder) in this overview.

The use case is basically that, to give you a clear overview of the data in folder overview but you can later use it for other things. You can, for example, filter out only items from two subfolders. You can sort by source folder (alphabetically), etc.

Hope that helps a bit!

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Yes that does. Thank you @Jovana

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