When attributes windows is open, provide buttons to browse through items/cards in view

I would like to have navigation buttons on the Attributes-page that allow me to browse through all my items/cards in a view (from top to bottom, and left to right) while my Atributes page stays open.

So I can quickly browse / navigate through the view. Interface: mouse-clicks and/or arrow keys, PageUp - Page Down (or Home , End)

Off-course: this would also apply to the Comments-tab and the Actvity-log tab


+1. great idea and mockup!


Hey @ton

This might be a great idea! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to discuss it with our tech team today and see where we’re at.

TBH, it’s unlikely to put this as a priority right now, 'cause all of the planned stuff, but I hope they’ll like the suggestion and put it into one of the following sprints :slight_smile:


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I agree it is not a priority

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