When deleting a "reused" attribute", show if the attribute is currently in use

See screenshot - http://research.pachecoconsulting.co/pdBnnm

This attribute, “test” was not used in any folders. use case - Would be great for cleanup purposes if it showed you which attributes were used in which folders. If you have dozens of attributes and several of them are unused, you might not realize it without some sort of indication.

Hey, @micheal!

I personally think that’s a great suggestion.

It’s added to the suggestion log, and I’ll make sure to check with our devs if it’s possible to implement that in a short period of time.

Thank you very much!

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I agree with @micheal on this one!

And I would like to add to this. Just some food for thought that I have not sorted out… so this could be a horrible idea. Haha

Being able to globally see attributes would be fantastic. In that global view (with sorting abilities), we could also see details such as “associated folders” and “data rows” for data that may have been inputted. “View Attributes” should be accessible on a workspace, board, or folder level.

The other thing I’m finding is that if I build out a workflow that has 100+ attributes, it would clutter up my overall workspace. Think a input form that has a lot of fields (unique attributes). Could we “lock” attributes to a folder and prevent them from being used in another folder? That way, Folder 1 would be unaffected by the 100+ attributes that Folder 2 has. Essentially it’s permissions for the attributes. Default to be reusable, the way things currently are, but with the option to make it private to a specific folder. In a “View Attributes” dashboard we could potentially make bulk changes for these settings too.


@veronica, Locking attributes to a folder is an excellent suggestion!

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I agree with you. There was a potential of creating a slight clutter if a certain member (or a team) makes a lot of different attributes.

However, we’ve recently updated the attributes settings, with two additional options being available:

  • Delete from this folder only, or
  • delete from the whole board


What do you think about that? I think that could eliminate any chance of attributes being cluttered :slight_smile:

note: an option to ‘hide’ an attribute is still available in Table View, which basically just toggles it off in the Customize section

another big note: If you decide to delete attributes, make sure you’re not using them, or if they’re a big part of your workflow :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ve added a suggestion to lock attributes in certain folders to our log. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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