Where can I see the people on the board

Hi guys,

I see in that in my board the “person” icon has 5 as number (so i suppose this mean 5 people participating) but when I clic in “Team” tab I only see three people.

Why is this?


Hi @Murgiuf welcome to Infinity community! :slight_smile:

It is a bug we thought we already solved weeks ago…

Did you have 5 people in the team at some point and then removed 2?

This issue is passed to our dev team and they are working to solve it.


Hi Stefan,

Yes I think I added 5 people then removed 2.

Thanks, I’ll be waiting for any update on the topic.


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Thanks. We’ll solve this issue soon.

Don’t worry, those account’s don’t have access to your boards anymore. The bug with showing 5 members is only counter related.