Where can I see the people on the board


Hi guys,

I see in that in my board the “person” icon has 5 as number (so i suppose this mean 5 people participating) but when I clic in “Team” tab I only see three people.

Why is this?



Hi @Murgiuf welcome to Infinity community! :slight_smile:

It is a bug we thought we already solved weeks ago…

Did you have 5 people in the team at some point and then removed 2?

This issue is passed to our dev team and they are working to solve it.



Hi Stefan,

Yes I think I added 5 people then removed 2.

Thanks, I’ll be waiting for any update on the topic.



Thanks. We’ll solve this issue soon.

Don’t worry, those account’s don’t have access to your boards anymore. The bug with showing 5 members is only counter related.