White Labelling

Hi, is there any chance of white labelling being available in the near future?
We like your tool very much but we are in need of this feature.
Many thanks!

Hi @elena , let me first wish you a warm welcome to our community forum :blush:

I am afraid I do not have any precise deadlines or updates on this as our hands are currently full with other features like Automations (if this then that, reminders and recurring items), Desktop App and APIs.

However, I am absolutely certain that our team will take their time to decide and discuss on how to go forward with white labeling features like custom domains and reseller options.

Custom domains are already in the planning stage and it is one of the lets say more requested features Feel free to vote for it as it would give it more importance.

If I hear something new about this feature, I’ll absolutely come back here and give an update for everyone to see :slight_smile: