Whitelabel options


Ability to whitelabel our Infinity account at the Workspace level.

This would include:

  • CNAME custom domains at the Account and/or Workspace level
  • Communication (emails via smtp or mx) at the Account and/or Workspace level
    *Branding at the Workspace level

So that any invited members (internal or external) will see the brand/company/topic associated with each individual workspace and receive emails, reminders, etc. that appear to be sent from the associated brand/company/department/personal domain.



Hey bud!

Yes! Got it :slight_smile: Thanks for putting up this one and to all members who voted.


Summary of Most Requested Features! (regularly updated, Infiniteers Please Add More!)

They can try implementing it with an add on, not necessarily in plans. Or a monthly plan, I prefer paying like 3 dollars monthly than a new software.