Whitelabel options

Ability to whitelabel our Infinity account at the Workspace level.

This would include:

  • CNAME custom domains at the Account and/or Workspace level
  • Communication (emails via smtp or mx) at the Account and/or Workspace level
    *Branding at the Workspace level

So that any invited members (internal or external) will see the brand/company/topic associated with each individual workspace and receive emails, reminders, etc. that appear to be sent from the associated brand/company/department/personal domain.

Hey bud!

Yes! Got it :slight_smile: Thanks for putting up this one and to all members who voted.


They can try implementing it with an add on, not necessarily in plans. Or a monthly plan, I prefer paying like 3 dollars monthly than a new software.


Any update for this option ?

Hi @Kornchai.work, welcome to the community!

Iā€™m afraid there is no update yet, aside from this being on our roadmap. You can check it out and vote for it here.