Why did you remove iFrame/Embed Capability?


We had Infinity embedded into one of the applications we use to run our business. It was awesome because it made it part of our workflow and not one more app we have to go to. Will this ever be possible again? I am sure it is due to security concerns, but is there no way for us to choose?

Thank You



Hi David,
it is still possible to embed boards. In the upper left corner click on Board Manager -> Share Board. This is where you’ll find the embed link.



Hello @David-2! Indeed, we disabled that option for security reasons.

You can still make a board public and embed it that way, but I’m not sure if that would be able to help in your case. :confused:



I have an issue in Notion, I used to be able to embed a board but now cant. One example where a board is still embedded, the embed is just broken. I try and do it again and it doesn’t work.
All of my embeds in Notion are now all broken. This is very Frustrating and wasting my time whilst struggling with home-schooling. :disappointed::sob:

In the attached image the bottom frame is where I was linked to an infinity board for my kids homeschool and the top box is where I tried to do it again.

Please fix this it is urgent!
It just broke my workflow and a lot of hours of work.



I don’t want my personal children’s stuff public but I do want to embed it on password-protected apps like Notion or my own personal family website.
This cant be the right solution, I am very frustrated. :rage:



Hello @Derrick! I’m sorry for the frustration. :pensive:

I discussed this with our product manager and she tells me that this had to be done due to security reasons.

Since we’re now finalizing the fixes with attachment security issues and other similar security issues, it has come to our attention that boards that were not public could be embedded. This was not intended as a feature, it was more of an oversight. But it’s actually posing a serious security issue for the majority of users.

That’s why we needed to disable that option.

However, you can still embed a board if you make it public. If you need another layer of security for your public boards, you can use password protection. So if someone by any chance gains access to the board, they still won’t be able to view the data inside without the password that you set up.

I’m hoping that this solution can work for you and that you understand the concerns that made us correct this oversight.

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I do understand @Jovana. thank you for investigating.
I like your solution of making a board public but adding a password.

  • This works if I go to the URL in a private window, a popup appears asking for that password.

  • However, it does not work in the embed.
    In Notion it still looks like my previous screenshot. (error)
    It does not show the website with the password box.

I would be happy with this solution if it worked, But it doesn’t seem to.



Indeed @Derrick, I have just tested this myself and you are completely right. :open_mouth: Sorry for not checking before suggesting, I assumed it was working as it should.

I’ll report this to the dev team asap so they can check what’s going on and hopefully, this can be corrected soon.

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Hi @Jovana
Perhaps it needs to be like with Google drive.
If I want to embed something in Notion from Google Drive a popup appears to ask me for permission to connect my google account to allow Notion to access Google drive.

The permission I assume is until I revoke it in my google account.
This way we wouldn’t have to put a password every time we load the page.

Hope that makes sense.

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Hello @Derrick! I just wanted to give you a quick update on this - the problem should be fixed now. In other words, you should be able to embed a board that has password protection and use it in this way.

When you have a minute, could you check if it’s working fine on your end and let me know? Thank you! :slight_smile:



@Jovana I can confirm that this solution works perfectly now. :+1:

The steps to embed infinity in Notion.

1. Make your board public with a unique password.
2. Embed board in notion.

A] - If you are also logged into infinity in your browser, this will just work everywhere without a password prompt.
:heavy_check_mark: -This is brilliant and exactly what I wanted, now everything works again. Thanks! this is a great solution for an infinity owner to work inside Notion.

B] - If you are not logged into Infinity in the browser, each individual embedded board will show a popup asking for the board password. This will be valid until refreshing or closing the page.
:heavy_check_mark: - This is brilliant! If I need to share a Notion page with someone publicly they can see the notion page without access to the board showing a password prompt, but I can give them the board-specific password to enter, which will enable the view for them.

I have not tried elsewhere like in a website, but I assume it will be the same for other embeds.

Good work Infinity! :blush:

Now we just need similar notes functionality to be built into infinity to replace the need for notion. :wink: because obviously we are never satisfied as users and always want more.
Actually, I am hugely satisfied with this.
Thanks, team



Hi @Derrick, I’m glad it works this well for your use case now! Thanks for giving a detailed explanation for the other members that might want to use it this way. :slight_smile:

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