Why double click everywhere?


I recommend you remove the need to double click in order to go into Boards and Folders, etc. It slows down workflow unnecessarily. Thanks.

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Hello @tshiggy!

I’m a bit confused about this as it is actually a single click to open a board/folder and pretty much anything in Infinity. :thinking:

Perhaps it has something to do with the device you’re using and the browser… can you share that information with me?



I have noticed this; sometimes if you click the 3 dots or the plus sign with the mouse to make a new folder, you have to be very precise as to where you click, or it won’t work.
So not really a double click issue rather just an issue with where to click and to have to try twice.

There is no individual hover signal. For example, even though the mouse hand appears, if it is midway between the + and the three dots its a tossup as to which one or any will be triggered. It needs an individual hover state on each button.



Hi @derrickmg.admin, thanks for reporting this. It does seem to be a bit tricky sometimes for those with smaller screens especially if you’re using a mouse. However, I must say I haven’t noticed the issue before now. :thinking:

I will note this down for the team and add it as a suggestion for the team. Thanks!