Why I struggle with Infinity

I don’t know if this is the right category - I neither have feature requests nor need help or have bugs to report, I just want to give general feedback for the devs to think about.

First: I thought folders are separate tables, so why do my notes also have the “backlog” tag that I set up as the default status for my tasks? I don’t have this field in the notes folder:

Secondly, I still have struggle with the spreadsheet features. For example, I can’t make number fields show zero. Zero does not equal “empty”, I want to show zero and not make it look like I forgot to enter data.

Also I still can’t do (B-A)/(C-A) saying that properties are in the wrong type (even though they all are numbers) and B/(C-A) still gives divide by zero error even when all fields are filled in with appropiate data. But both formulas work perfectly in Excel

I also would like to be able for references to be picked from the subfolders of reference targed folder. When for example linking a goal to a task, I would like to choose from subfolders like yearly, monthly or weekly goals or with projects to pick items from the “projects” subfolders “work projects”, “study projects” and “side business projects”.

Also I can’t average the result of formulas which is annoying if you want to see the average of projects progress that has been calculated. Plus the loading time is still a bit too long to just quick-capture a task or idea.

I was the person putting you on Product Hunt and supporting you in other ways, but I am sad to say that the tool wasn’t completely usable for my 2021 year planning board. I will come back in a couple of months, hoping that the product has changed

Here’s a public board that I set up to illustrate these points: https://app.startinfinity.com/b/F5XZSiSLQsj

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Hi Saskia,
It’s good you are writing here to sort things out. If you need a quick information on anything you can use the chat support. Do you know where to find it?
You can also create improvement request in the roadmap.

Hello, @saskia thank you for writing such detailed feedback, we appreciate it! :slight_smile: Let me try to address your issues/concerns.

1)First of all - the issue with the parent folder showing a label. The folders are indeed separate tables - subfolders can also contain completely different data, like in your case. But the parent folder will combine all the data in one view so you can see it all in one place and manipulate the data in one place.

I believe the issue here is that when you created your label - you didn’t ‘Allow Empty’ which means that each item in this subfolder must have a label and can’t have an empty field here. Once you click to see your data in a parent folder, this logic applies again to the parent folder and your Notes subfolder is ‘confused’ and needs to have a label as well.

You can easily avoid this if you just toggle on the 'Allow Empty button when you create or edit a certain label. This is what I mean:


2)The number field has a certain logic that is similar to other spreadsheet tools - and each format of the number follows certain rules (mathematical I guess, but I’m not an expert. :smiley:). You may have noticed when creating a number field, you can choose different kinds of formatting. To be able to preview a 0 as well, I suggest using a ‘Decimal’ format (you can set the precision you need - if you don’t actually need the decimal points, then you can set the precision ‘1’) or the ‘Custom’ format.
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3)We just tested all kinds of possible solutions to achieve what you need with this formula and concluded that there is indeed a bug with this particular formula. For some reason, the combination of two ‘minus’ formulas always presents an error. We will look into it and hopefully fix it as soon as we can.

4)Regarding the references, we have recently released a new version of them where you would need to pick a folder from which you would reference items - so basically you can reference one folder to another folder or subfolder. Sadly, with the new version, you can’t create one reference field that will pull data from multiple folders/subfolders.

When it comes to your screenshot, I believe your reference field isn’t pulling any data because there are no items in the folder which you chose as the destination folder for this reference.

5)I completely agree with you on this one. We already have a ticket/task aimed at treating a number formula field just like any other number, which would give it Summary options like for any other number - Sum, Average, etc.

6)Regarding the speed, we are periodically working on speed/performance updates, but this is a work in progress and we’re still not happy with the current speed and will try to keep improving it.

I’m hoping that my answers will help you solve some issues that you encountered with planning and organizing your board. :slight_smile:



I must say @saskia a well thought out and illustrated question followed by a brilliant answer from @Jovana, these really are helpful to others for the information it provides but also the feelgood factor that Infinity is trying their best. There are many little bugbears I have as well but will wait till I have the time to show them in a meaningful way as @saskia did. In the meantime, I am happy with the customer service of Infinity.

The majority of people will never complain and just walk away and complain to others, treasure the ones who do as they really care for your product and want it to improve. So many companies cant take criticism and @Jovana styled it in her answer.