Why might I have duplicate entries on a list?

Somehow I’m finding duplicate listing in both list view and column view.

Please tell me why this might be happening and how I might get rid of the duplicates.

Here are examples:

@dave.vranicar Hey!

I’m not sure why did this issue happened.

Can you tell me more about what you did before this?

Trello import perhaps? Or?

Also, have you tried refreshing the page? Is the problem still there after the refresh?

Thanks, Coa.

Some of these items may have been from Trello imports originally. But I haven’t done a Trello import for weeks, and this problem appeared suddenly yesterday for the first time.

I have tried refreshing the page. I’ve even tried signing out and back in again. The problem I saw yesterday disappeared, but now it reappeared with different items on a different list. Please see the screenshot.

I’m not sure what I did to produce this issue, other than to drag sections around to reorganize the order of their appearance in a list or a column.

Hey @dave.vranicar,

One thing that’s strange to me is that the issue happened in the ‘Overview’ tab, while the first folder you’re located in is opened.

That’s technically not possible, as to open ‘Overview’ you need a parent folder -> subfolder structure. Did you have any subfolders under that folder (ending with “log”, as I can see on the left hand of the screenshot you’ve attached)?

So the issue might be that you’ve grouped by attributes which were located in both parent folder and a subfolder, but as they’re not ‘linked’ anymore (through the overview), the error might have previewed in a form of double grouping values (by 'Issue # (Target) attribute).

Can you try deleting that overview view, and use group in any of the other views such as ‘All Blog Posts’, ‘Calendar’, and check if the issue of double grouping values is still there?


I’m not sure I fully understood the points you’re making. I’m pretty new to Infinity, and I don’t have a deep understanding of folder/subfolder structures. Or of the purpose of the Overview and how to create one.

FYI, though, it was certainly possible for me to have an Overview without having a parent folder-> subfolder structure. I had no subfolders under the folder that was open, as you can see in this new screenshot:

When I deleted the Overview view, the issue of double grouping went away.

So the issue appears to be fixed for now. Maybe you ought to look into why I was able to create an overview for a folder that has no subfolders.

It’s possible that I created the Overview when the folder had a subfolder, and then when I deleted the subfolder the Overview persisted.

Thanks again.


Exactly the case! That’s what I meant in the message above.

I’m glad everything’s good now. And we’ll take a look into why does the Overview stay after the deletion of the subfolder.