Word wrap for long text fields in List View?

Long text fields need a little work in List View. Right now, if you type a lengthy description into a long text field, the list just gets wider… and wider… and wider…

What’s the best solution? Word wrap? That would make the items more than one line tall.
Or ellipses after a certain point? Then you’d have to click on the item to read the text.

You make the call! :slight_smile:

Completely understand you :slight_smile:

One thing we can do is to allow only a number of characters on the item.

Other is to leave it like this in case some of the members want to see the whole description.

You can always click Show/Hide and Hide the Long text attribute.

But in the end, Table view is coming soon and it will be much more usable for the complex and ‘wider’ items.

List will stay around for the simpler Item types.

Yes - maybe the Table view offers three text options: single infinite line, word wrap, or cut off at X characters.

Understand that Item view is for lightweight items (like the quick brainstorm list from your demo video).

So hurry up with Table View already! :smile: