Wording needs revision



I believe this is supposed to say “(and edit owned items)”

Let me know if i have misunderstood the intention of this?



Hi @CodeKnight I hope you are doing well these days :slight_smile:

When it comes to your question I’ll first focus on what the feature itself does. So when you decide to share your board and give people outside infinity access to your board, then you can set up some permissions for them. You can allow them to “create (and edit owning items)” - meaning you are allowing them to create additional items and edit only the items they have created themselves and no other items. So from that standpoint - I believe I covered it’s meaning.

However, if you were wondering from the grammatical standpoint of view - I am not exactly sure :thinking: but - I’ll gladly forward it to our content team and see what they think about it and if it should be changed/fixed. :+1:

Of course, thank you for reporting this to us, it will most certainty be reviewed. :v:



It should read “owned items”.

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Yes, @chrish is right owning items makes no sense in english.



I agree “edit owning items” does not make sense.
But I´d rather go for “edit own items” instead of “edit owned items”.

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Hey guys @chrish, @Derrick and @micck

Thank you for this, it won’t go unnoticed, I have informed our team about it and we’ll see when this can be worked on.

Much appreciated :beers: :v:



Hello everyone @chrish @Derrick and @micck :wave:

Just wanted to leave an update here, we’ve decided to go with your suggestions and fix this small “language” issue we’ve had, instead of “owning” items, it says “own” now, as you have already suggested.


Thank you for all the suggestions and all the feedback, we appreciate it all. :hugs::beer:



Thumbs up, but I don’t get why you use the parenthesis there.

I would use:
Create and edit own items

If you don’t want to change it. You’d better be consistent and change the other two to:
Edit (all items)
Post (comments)



I agree with @micck. The parenthesis seem unnecessary. Why are they being used? Their presence infers something that is unclear by their use.

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Almost there then @marko you certainly impressed us with your speedy response. I agree with @chrish @chrish



Hey guys, @Derrick @chrish and @micck :wave:

Thank you for the feedback and awesome responses, I’ll make sure to mention the parenthesis as well, to be honest - I am not 100% sure why we they were left, I know that “edit owning items” came later on, despite having “create items” permission, but IMHO I do think parenthesis should be removed.

I’ll inform our team about this and if we end up fixing it in the near future, I’ll come back here and give you an update on it, as I always try to do :+1:

Cheers and thank you once again :beers: