Would like to access "parent folder"

Having the ability to access “parent folder” just like “source folder” would be a great feature. Sometimes when building a layout he have many folders (room A, room B) with similar child structure but when filtering / looking at something in an overview view, it’s really hard to be able to tell which “room layout” folder that item belongs to. If we could see the parent folder name, we’d see “Oh, it’s room A’s layout that has the note about moving the outlets” instead of having to click into several things to get there.

Hey @Maveric100,

If I’m correct, you’d like a default attribute like ‘Source folder’, but just for ‘Parent folders’ for items which are located in a subfolder of a parent folder?

That might be a great idea, I like the idea behind it.

I’ll share the idea with the team and let them know of your request :slight_smile:

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That’s correct. Would be a great boon to how I use infinity.

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What is the purpose/intention of the current ‘Source Folder’ attribute? I have tried to apply it several different ways however none of the views seem to make sense.

Hey @infinity.justs!

Long time no hear :slight_smile:

So ‘Source Folder’ is an automatic attribute every item has, and its value is the folder that item is located at.

Also, it helps a lot when you use ‘Folder overview’ feature (have a structure parent folder -> subfolder(s)).

Every time you click on a ‘parent folder’, you’ll have an “overview” view, grouped by “source folder” attribute.