Zap loop issue with Google Agenda and Infinity

Hi, I read the post on Zapier about the zap loop issue users get when trying update data on both directions.

I want to use multiple ZAP’s. always both directions for each function.

  • Create and update items
  • Delete items

Now I use infinity and google calendar. It’s stuck in a zap, but what is the best method to use it here. I do not want to use the description field to match a filter. And on the Infinity side I don’t want a row to be visible inside the table that contains this word.What var do you people use to do this?

Hey @alexander,

I have to be honest and say that I’m not 100% sure, as I’m not an advanced Zapier.

I’d love to call out our community, if there’s someone using Zapier on a frequent basis to help out here, until I research more on this particular topic :slight_smile:

Thanks, and sorry for not being of much help right away!

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thanks for your comment. I’ll wait till someone knows how it can be setup.

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