Zapier - Gmail to Infinity PROBLEM!


So, I was excited to create a Zapier that would create new cards in Infinity based on whether a gmail email had a specific label… I got everything set up… Then I activated the Zap and got this…


So how do I get specific gmails (based on a label) to Infinity?



I was getting this issue the other day, I’m new to the software.

I’ve figured out the issue now and it is a limitation imposed by Google/Zapier. It appears that you can’t use a user email from Google in Zapier as the trusted apps are limited for nor business emails. You will need to use a G-suit email, I have a few which I’m going to try with tonight.

I’m still troubleshooting this and I may look into Outlook as an option for this. :slight_smile:

I hope that that helps.

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Hello @landofawz and @frazerslife! Unfortunately, we have noticed this issue lately as well, and it seems to be the result of some new updates in Gmail/Google. It looks like the GSuite users will be able to create Zaps with Gmail but personal Gmail users will not.

We will continue to investigate this, but since it’s a new rule by Google, we’re not quite sure if it will be in our hands to change it. :pensive:



I noticed this too today! It bummed me out, but I fixed it like this:

Gmail -> An Evernote Infinity folder (Evernote is Gmail approved)

New note in Evernote Infinity folder -> Infinity

Took a little longer to set up, but it works for what I needed it for :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing your solution @jozii89! Good idea to add another step to the workflow to be able to bypass the Gmail limitations.

It does take a bit longer to set up but it may work for many users. :slight_smile:

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question, I would assume the suggested evernote-zapier hack requires a multi-step zap. this would move me out of the free plan and cost me 20 bucks per month. Isnt there another way?



Hi @marc.maurer

Maybe you could do it by creating two completely independent zaps. One that will work with “gmail to evernote” another one that will work “evernote to infinity”.

Yes in that specific case you are using 2 out of your 5 free zaps, but it won’t require you to switch to a paid plan and use multi zap option.

( I was let know that similar workaround can be done with trello as well. Gmail -> Trello and then Trello -> Infinity)

Have you explored such an option?