Zapier - Gmail to Infinity PROBLEM!


So, I was excited to create a Zapier that would create new cards in Infinity based on whether a gmail email had a specific label… I got everything set up… Then I activated the Zap and got this…


So how do I get specific gmails (based on a label) to Infinity?



I was getting this issue the other day, I’m new to the software.

I’ve figured out the issue now and it is a limitation imposed by Google/Zapier. It appears that you can’t use a user email from Google in Zapier as the trusted apps are limited for nor business emails. You will need to use a G-suit email, I have a few which I’m going to try with tonight.

I’m still troubleshooting this and I may look into Outlook as an option for this. :slight_smile:

I hope that that helps.

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Hello @landofawz and @frazerslife! Unfortunately, we have noticed this issue lately as well, and it seems to be the result of some new updates in Gmail/Google. It looks like the GSuite users will be able to create Zaps with Gmail but personal Gmail users will not.

We will continue to investigate this, but since it’s a new rule by Google, we’re not quite sure if it will be in our hands to change it. :pensive:



I noticed this too today! It bummed me out, but I fixed it like this:

Gmail -> An Evernote Infinity folder (Evernote is Gmail approved)

New note in Evernote Infinity folder -> Infinity

Took a little longer to set up, but it works for what I needed it for :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing your solution @jozii89! Good idea to add another step to the workflow to be able to bypass the Gmail limitations.

It does take a bit longer to set up but it may work for many users. :slight_smile:

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