Zapier Outlook to Infinity Integration

Created a Zap to create a new item in Infinity when an Outlook calendar event is 1 day before state date of the calendar event. Tested it and it worked with the sample data. However, when I run the Zap manually it says “No New Events Were Found” even though my Outlook Calendar clearly has meetings on it within the next day. However, those meetings are not found or added to my chosen Infinity table. Why would this be? It doesn’t seem like the integration is working correctly. I tried a couple variants including 3 days away, 24 hours, etc. and none of them work

Hey @briankdauphin,

Have you selected the right board/folder in Infinity?

Also, have you mapped the fields in the right way?

It’s strange that this doesn’t seem to be working…

Can you take a couple of screenshots of your zap setup?

I have had this occur a couple of times and each time I had missed a mapped field (or Zapier failed to save it) somewhere in the recipe. As Aleksander mentions, go back through and double check each step and you will likely find an error.

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