Zapier Questions


  1. When selecting Infinity on Zapier there are three options, v1.0, v2.0 and just “Infinity”. Obviously I don’t want to be using 1.0, but which of the other two is the most current one we should be using?

  2. I see very limited Zap options. When an Infinity item has a user assigned to it, I would like to transfer the item to their Google Calendar.

However I do not see any date options to trigger such an option. I also see no ability to select a specific user when an item is assigned to them, is that possible?

Lastly, even though I have authorized Infinity to work with Zapier, no matter what I do Zapier cannot retrieve any boards from Infinity.

Thank You!

Hey @David-2,

With this link, you should be able to access ‘Infinity 2.0.2’ which is the current version. Older ones do not work.

I believe ‘Transfering items’ is not possible, and I think that you can set an automation that when you create a new item in Infinity Calendar (or update existing one), there could be a new event in Google Calendar.

Or when a new event has been created in Google Calendar, automatically create a new item in Infinity (or again, update the existing one).

The authorization should work with 2.0.2 :slight_smile:

Thank you. I later got Zapier working and will probably be back with some questions once we get Infinity further set up. What I would like to do is when any user is assigned to an item, an equivalent task should be created in Google Tasks, and if the item has a due date, that due date should also be assigned to the google task.

The key is I would want this done ONLY for items that have a user assigned to them, as that is the trigger that would cause the item to get created in the appropriate users google account. And of course I would not want items with no user assigned to go to any google tasks account at all.

Do you have any thoughts about this?

Thank You

I believe that could be possible, @David-2.

However, I think that would be 2 individual zaps.

I’ll make sure to play around in Zapier with this specific use case and share more detailed (and hopefully useful) thoughts :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, it would definitely be two zaps, as I believe I will need to tie each Zap top a different Google account. Haven’t got around to it yet :-).

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Hi Coa, when you get time could you look at this and let me know if it’s possible? Perhaps include a screenshot of how you did it if you are able to accomplish it? So far I have not been able to.