Zapier start date problem in infinity

I created a ZaP to send google meetings/events to Infinity.

I create a meeting on my phone and it appears in Infinity but it is 4 hours behind. So if the meeting is at 5:30 in infinity it shows 1:30

In my google calendar it shows 5:30 In other google calendars on other devices it’s 5:30

I can’t find where or why it comes in as 1:30 in Infinity. It looks like all my time zones are correct.


Hi there @john.cesta :wave:

Interesting, time-zone issues can be extremely complicated especially when we combine them together with google calendar, zapier and then Infinity. We will make sure to conduct our own research and post an update here as well.

Would you be able to tell us if the time zones are set correctly in all 3 tools?

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Zapier
  3. Infinity

Looking forward to your reply John :pray:

Yes they are set correctly and the same in each application.


New problem with zapier. I only perform about 1 google event every few days. As you can see in this attachment. This seems to happen often then I cannot use zapier any longer and my whole calendar in infinity is messed up.

I can’t get any help from them. I have a free account I don’t need to pay 19 a month for a real account as I use the minimal stuff.


Hi @john.cesta :wave:

You are correct, I have tested this on my end - and it does seem like there’s a time zone issue. I will make sure to create a ticket for our team and let them go through it (and hopefully fix it) once they are done with their current priorities.

Regarding your second problem, I am not sure what is going on there, it seems like it ran more than it should - did you check your zap activity to see exactly what items were pushed, what actions were taken?

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this John :pray:

Seems to still be a problem. thanks

The time zone issue I am referring to.