Add a note with a date? Again


Reposting this question that I asked last June, in a new post, to see if this is perhaps now better implemented. We have more or less given up on Infinity unless we can do this (what seems like a very simple thing): (Add a note with a date?)

I need an attribute where I can add a note/text, for example: “I went to the customer and trained him on his machine”, with an automatic date on it.
Then, a week later I can add “I solved customer’s issue remotely”, again with a time stamp.

This way, my boss or I can open the customer and see what I did for him, over time. And sort by date per customer, or overall by date, again, so my boss can see what I am doing.


Hello @avij, sorry for the delay.

Although we don’t have such an attribute, our team uses comments for this purpose very successfully. When a ticket or a task is updated, it is always clearly visible in the comment what happened, who posted the update and when it was posted. And we also use mentions to make sure the relevant people are in the loop.

Hope that can help. :slight_smile: