Add a note with a date?


Hi again!

I have customers where I need to add notes, but with a time stamp. Any way to do this? I know I can add notes, and text, and a date, but I don’t see a time-stamped note/task/etc.

I would really like an attribute where I can add a note/text: “I went to the customer and trained him on his machine”, with an automatic date on it.
Then, a week later I can add “I solved customer’s issue remotely”, again with a time stamp.

This way, my boss or I can open the customer and see what I did for him, over time.
I tried the checklists/task/to do, but that gives no indication of time.

If not directly, what would be the best way to do this?

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Try posting in a cards comments, as it records the time and date, rather than in a description attribute.
Lets see if they come back with another way to do it.



Maybe create a subfolder “Notes”? Then add the “Reference” column for customers and “Created at” column for the time stamp. You may use the List or Table View.



OK that works, but better if they had the exact same thing was an Attribute. Thanks!



Just out of curiosity: What would be the advantage of it being an attribute?



one is, you can export it

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Easier to display and see. Instead of going into the main contact, and opening up the comments, which is less visible.



Hi @avij :wave:

@v11 and @Derrick pretty much gave you everything I would suggest. Now it all depends on how you are organized and what you actually need. How you have organized your customers (if each customer has its folder and then subfolders for related issues) or its just a general board with users where you add details / info to the customer/user itself.

The easiest way to do it would indeed be through the comments section, additionally you can mention your superiors to note it down, stay updated, see something urgent and so much more.

More difficult way would be by organizing issues you have fixed, for that specific user, through a subfolder and then link them together (add created at attribute and you would know when the last thing was fixed, noted, done). However, this can get messy if you end up having a lot of users and a lot of issues. In that case, I simply would try to avoid this option.

Notes (long text attribute) can be good, you can simply type it all in and add a specific time / date as a text form.

You can also use a checklist attribute and add points whenever you contacted/worked on something for that specific person as well, however I don’t think it will help much.

If I had to pick one of the 3 methods, I would go with the comments one.

Hope that help :pray: :v:



I just saw a request in the fb group that relates to this.
The fact you cant search comments.



Yes, there is that - comments are not searchable unfortunately, however - if that client/customer is an item inside Infinity (which seems to be the case here) - you will constantly be going back to that one client/customer and probably check and/or update the comment section of it, in that sense - you would probably know where everything is.

You can also create a specific tab, where all your clients are going to be, used the list view, which will show you the “comment” icon and tell you how many comments there are for each individual client - that can give you some valuable insights. If there are 4 comments, that would mean I solved / fixed 4 different things. Expanding the item will reveal the time stamps and everything you have mentioned, worked on, done for that client.

*will updated/add some internal suggestions so that we can move towards improving all this.(search, maybe additional attributes, flexibility with static attrubutes)

@avij Let us know if you managed to make it work with everything mentioned here or if you came up with something completely different, we would love to hear that and maybe discuss it further :pray:

:v: :beers:

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I thought my experience might be useful for someone, here’s how we’re dealing with this problem:

In the Long Text field, we always add a custom stamp by hand at the beginning of each message +Author’s initials. Then we add a Z→A sort.
This way our records are sorted Newest to Oldest.

No need for searchable comments. I assume this feature is pretty heavy performance-wise. Google docs’ comments are not searchable either, for example. Although, I must agree - leaving a timestamped signature of some kind within the Long Text field would be highly practical. Without having to type it by hand it we would definitely speed up our processes.