Add links to checklists


It would be great to be able to add links to checklists, referencing the brief/doc that the task relates to.


New attribute: Sub tasks

Hi @jon, thanks for the suggestion.

We’re still hesitant when it comes to adding more such functionalities to the checklist because it’s technically very demanding since it requires adding an attribute within an attribute (a few users suggested adding assignees to the checklist for example).

But maybe there’s a workaround for this use case. I’ll add this to our suggestion log anyway, so let’s see what the dev team thinks. :slight_smile:



#watching but the ‘Nesting Dolls’ of putting checklists within other attributes gets tricky for reporting and understanding. I’ve used other project management tools where building this way meant future restrictions so for now I am going to try to avoid the nested checklists (my instincts do tell me that the assignees function would be handy…but my instincts frequently allow me to overcomplicate things).



I’m not suggesting anything complex here, just a simple search and replace so that URLs become links. From memory, this already happens in other attributes.



Hi @jon, yes, you’re right. Links are already clickable in some other attributes. I believe we can make this happen. At first, I understood you wanted to reference in the checklist the link/attachment from another item.

But in this case, it shouldn’t be complicated to add a clickable link. I’ll add it to the suggestion log. :slight_smile:



@Jovana or @coa,

Are we any closer to getting this functionality in Checklist?



Is there any updates on this feature?



Hey everyone! Unfortunately this is still on our suggestion list, however I will check with our product manager if this is going to be prioritized anytime soon.

One thing I noticed, however, is that there is one workaround for using the link in a checklist. Once selected and right-clicked, the link is going to offer you the ‘Go to’ option so you can directly jump to the linked page. Maybe it can help for now.

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Hey @Jovana,
it is still not possible to add links to checklist items.

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