New attribute: Sub tasks

Hi everyone,

I can see that a lot of people (myself included) would like their chcecklist to have more options (eg. Nested tasks ("true" subtasks), Add links to checklists, Due dates for Checklist items, Reminders for subtasks). Ideally, advanced checklist or subtasks would contain:

  • dates (with reminders when they get implemented)
  • assignees
  • links
  • labels
  • (possibly) attachments

I guess it could make sense (codewise) to create a new attribute called subitem instead of overhauling checklist attribute.

What do you think?

I think either way works for me. There would need to be some way to configure the view of subitems, so they didn’t flood my boards (I would have a lot… haha) but just a checkbox showing “Include subitems” would be enough.

I’m not sure how the structure would look codewise, but in my head it makes sense that subitems would probably be simpler in the long run. (Calendar view, assignees, etc.)

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Hey guys @man, @BaiJie!

Here’s how to build more advanced subtasks in Infinity :slight_smile:

Hope this was helpful.


This is beautiful. Thanks for the video, I think that will work!

I will provide more feedback as I think of any.

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Does this still works ?
I cant’ seem to find a way to make it work :frowning:

I ended up not using it anymore. There was too much management and not enough reminders for the function added.

Essentially what you do is create another folder and create brand new items (each item being a new subtask), and then link them to the original item that you were working on. That way each subtask, as a full-fledged item, has customizable attributes and details.

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Hello @webwinkeladviseur! Welcome to the community.

This workaround still works, you would need to add the Reference attribute to get started with it.

And you can check out how @BaiJie’s idea works in this example: This is our Project Planning template that has a very similar outline to what @BaiJie has described. Hope it helps!

Is this still the recommended way of creating subtasks? To me, it seems very convoluted and actually doesn’t work properly anyway, because the subtasks do not stay checked once someone marks them completed.

Our current workflow is to create “task templates” which consist of a main task with lots of subtasks. Each time the task needs to be done, we make a copy of the task template and assign it to whoever is doing the task.

Creating those task templates will take an eternity with this method and we currently won’t have an accurate idea of which subtasks have been completed because they don’t stay checked.

Hi @adam3 First of all, welcome to the community, we are happy to have you here :partying_face:

Regarding the subtasks - yes, I would say that this is still one of the most recommended ways of creating subtasks.

The other simpler version of this would be to use “checklist” attribute which will allow you to add values to the checklist and tick them off whenever you are done with a certain “subtasks” but it removes the ability to assign someone to it, to add a date to it, add attachments or whatever else you were wishing to add. With checklist each individual item you create can have its own custom checklist that you can check / uncheck as you go through the stages.

Good news are that we are actually moving forward with your “sub item” feature - which will help you create proper subtasks, maintain and control everything in just one folder - it’s already in the “to do(ready)” column so that can be expected in the upcoming months :slight_smile:

Thanks @marko, that sounds great.

The only thing stopping me from using the checklist attribute is that some of the subtasks need further explanation than just a one-liner, so a full “subtask” attribute would be really useful.

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You are most welcome Adam :pray:

I completely understand, for now I would stick with the “subfolder” idea as that works for most people who are in need of this sub task/item feature. :wink:

Hopefully we’ll all enjoy this new feature soon :crossed_fingers: