New attribute: Sub tasks


Hi everyone,

I can see that a lot of people (myself included) would like their chcecklist to have more options (eg. Nested tasks ("true" subtasks), Add links to checklists, Due dates for Checklist items, Reminders for subtasks). Ideally, advanced checklist or subtasks would contain:

  • dates (with reminders when they get implemented)
  • assignees
  • links
  • labels
  • (possibly) attachments

I guess it could make sense (codewise) to create a new attribute called subitem instead of overhauling checklist attribute.

What do you think?



I think either way works for me. There would need to be some way to configure the view of subitems, so they didn’t flood my boards (I would have a lot… haha) but just a checkbox showing “Include subitems” would be enough.

I’m not sure how the structure would look codewise, but in my head it makes sense that subitems would probably be simpler in the long run. (Calendar view, assignees, etc.)

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Hey guys @man, @BaiJie!

Here’s how to build more advanced subtasks in Infinity :slight_smile:

Hope this was helpful.

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This is beautiful. Thanks for the video, I think that will work!

I will provide more feedback as I think of any.

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