Assignee Grouping and Individual Tasks

Hi there! Some useful features that would be greatly appreciated…

  1. Assignee Grouping by individual
    If I assign a task to multiple people and then group by assignee in a new tab, it separates tasks assigned to one person versus 2+. Say for example Susie and Hannah are assigned to the same task and they also each have their own individual tasks…it will group their joint task and individual tasks separately. This means that if I want to group all of my team’s tasks by individual, Susie and Hannah will have to hunt through the groupings to find the tasks assigned to either them as individuals or them as a group. The Group by Assignee feature should not treat groups of people as one assignee but rather sort every item assigned to an individual, even if there are multiple assignees for that task. I know it’s possible to filter by individual, but this changes the workspace view for everyone and is not as user-friendly as a nicely grouped list by assignee. So ideally, Susie can see all of her tasks even if some of them are assigned to both her and Hannah.

  2. Individual tasks view
    Along the lines of grouping by assignees, it would be visually helpful to have a column view for each assignee so they can view their individual tasks as separated by status (or some other parameter). So the tab would include each assignee’s name, let’s say Susie, and underneath Susie’s name are her individual columns for her specific tasks based on status (to do, doing, done). Underneath those columns would be the next assignee, Hannah let’s say, and she also has her columns sorted by status, etc. etc. for every team member. It would be much easier to scroll through a team and see this display rather than filtering for each individual person and changing the view for all teammates on the workspace simultaneously or adding a ridiculous amount of tabs or folders just so each person can see their tasks.

Hello @hannah.cevasco, welcome to the community and thanks for a detailed feature suggestion! :slight_smile:

Let me try to address your suggestions - although both are great and make a lot of sense, currently, they are both challenging for us to implement.

  1. It would make sense to have it work as you explained, but for not our system has a certain logic that doesn’t allow for one item to exist in multiple places, so to speak. For this to be implemented, one item that has to assignees, or two labels would need to exist multiple times, in each column.

I suggest you check out this topic which is a discussion about this and it has some explanations by our CTO: Grouping by label -- Allow item with multiple labels appear under each label

  1. This is also currently not possible to do in Infinity as the system changes in real time for each user. So according to its current logic, it wouldn’t be possible for each individual user to have their own views, tabs, etc. Right now the workaround is for each team member to have their own tab - or you can have a separate folder for each team member - and then you can use the Overview to preview all their tasks in one place. That way, they can just focus on their folder, but it would also be possible for managers and superiors to take a look at all tasks in one place.

Not very good news for now, but hopefully we will be able to implement these in the future. :slight_smile: