Grouping by label -- Allow item with multiple labels appear under each label

This has been requested before… but here we go again!

I really really really want the “Green and Blue” items to show up in both the “Green” and the “Blue” labels list, and don’t care if they show up in both.

It’s not a big deal in this example, but most of my label attributes have 15-50 labels. When I make combinations of any of these labels, I can no longer view the information I need in a single place. Filtering works one at a time, but it is extremely cumbersome and time consuming to a) have 50 tabs for each view or b) change my filter 50 times to see the information neatly organized on my list of items. Please consider looking at this again.

100% agree. In one of my boards each label is a group of students. When a student is in two gropus (group A & group B), he’s NOT visible in any but a third is created (Grup A Group B) that doesn norteven exist :frowning:

When I go throug a list (to send emails or call) such students are lost and then they are angry…

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+1! Because I agree on this.

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I stumbled over that also several times by now.


@stefan @damir89

Has there been any further discussion regarding this functionality?

For more posts on the same subject:

Huh, sorry, I’m not very active on the community forum.

Probably there are good reasons to have it both way but right now we are keeping this behavior. Logic is that only one item can exist at the time in a single view. So when you have multiple labels selected, value for that group is created as a combination of those labels as an addition to the existing groups.

In the future if we add this other variation it will be configurable so you can switch between them.

Hopefully this option will come in the very near future. I’ll be patient for now and will check in tomorrow to follow up on this. :joy:

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I think there is a gap in understanding.

Labels are typically used when multiple categories apply to an item, and the item will be listed under each of the applied categories.

The way it is implemented by Infinity today, is that users can only see the list “by the combination of categories”, as oppose to “by category”.

I hope that provides better explanation.

In DevonThink you can replicate items. These replicants behave as follows:

It is hard to plan/visualize without having the items displayed in the selected groups.

People asking for this since 2 yours. It is so frustrating.