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I just created a folder in my workspace, importing from a csv file. The wizard guided me in mapping all column type and everything looked good. Then I noticed that for one column, I chose Text attribute instead of Number (it was a currency column, in €).

In the table view, I’m trying to change the attribute “Deal Value” from Text to Number (currency value), like I did for other columns, but I cannot change the Type of Attribute, I can only edit the name or the default value of the Text field.

Thanks for any advice.


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I don’t believe that you can edit the attribute type at this time. This is a definite issue and hopefully one that will be addressed soon. In the meantime, you can add a new attribute of the correct type and copy over the info from the previous attribute. Not very efficient but workable.



@coa @stefan On this same topic, if/when you allow for editing the attribute types, it would be great if you could enable that feature directly in the individual attribute popup menu along with the ability to delete an attribute in that menu. This would be especially helpful with regard to reference attributes when creating new boards as the associated folders have not yet been created thus “Reference” attribute is not a mapping option.

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That’s what I did yesterday to go on. I thought there was something I was missing. :slight_smile:




Hey @alexdelprete!

@infinity.justs is right, we don’t have an option to change attribute type for now.

That is a serious consideration right now, as the whole refactor of CSV import feature is on the way (that might include ‘change attribute type’ feature), which is by the way really complex, so we might take some time.

Thanks @infinity.justs, I’ll definitely include this as a suggestion ticket. :slight_smile:

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Hi @coa,

I think the Attribute Type modification should not be related only to CSV import function. I could create a new table manually and decide to modify later a column/Attribute.

Thanks for your support.