Can't reorder attributes on cards in columns view

I was under the impression that we could re-order the attributes display on a card in columns view via “Customize”, but I can’t change their order. I’ve not done any significant work in columns view in sometime, so perhaps there’s something I’m not getting.

Is there something I’m missing?

Hey @chrish,

We’ve currently disabled an option to re-order attribute order in Columns View, and ‘fixed’ the order because of both the clunkiness that might happen (it’s a bit tougher to apply that in Columns) + our UX/UI changes.

It is available in List, Table & Forms, however.

We’re going to improve this with UX/UI improvements coming in the following weeks.



I understand that you have disabled attribute re-order in cards but does that mean that when we reorder in List, Table, & Forms it will not translate over to cards. So no way to get cards to show a preferred order other than removing attributes and adding them back in the order we want/need them?

Hopefully this comes along with the ability to change the attribute types from any menu.

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Hey @infinity.justs,

You can reorder this in the modal / right sidebar if the screenshots were implying on that. Just drag&drop attributes you wish to switch places :slight_smile:

Also, attributes are customizable (you change their order under ‘Customize’) in List & Table (in Table, you can actually drag&drop columns (attributes)).

Here’s a video:

Hi there,

I am a new user and am looking at Infinity for our company. This issue with not being able to sort the order on cards in columns view is a big problem for us. We will be using the cards in columns view as our main view for project tracking. It is important for us to have the relevant information at the top of the card.

Is this something that will be fixed in the future? Or is this just the way it is? If it is going to be fixed, when will that be?


Hi @phil2, thanks for the question!

At the moment you can use the Customize option in order to select what attributes are going to be visible in the cards while in Columns view. Perhaps, you can make two similar Column views with selecting only the attributes you want to stay visible.

Due to UX/UI guidelines we have decided to keep the attributes’ positions locked in Columns view for now but that’s not to say we will not change this in the future.