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This has to be your number 1 priority if you want people to use your product efficiently and not give up and search for the competition as some have alluded to.
I myself, although wanting to, have not used it with certain clients for the lack of this Basic addition.
The completion rate of 15% seems to be stuck there forever, but its gotta have far more immediate importance (and possibly quicker to implement) than some of the other more difficult tasks you guys are working on.
The difference in efficiency this ONE feature will make to all of our productivity would be incredible. Infinity is literally broken without it.
Please consider bumping this up the order of importance.



While I agree that this is a very important feature, with the ability to use filter (hide all items checked as done) and sort (by date) you don’t have to search through a long list of your items missing deadlines. In addition you can use the calendar pretty well. See the screenshots.

The issue I really see here that is really missing is the Workspace overview. Using this workaround you have to have all tasks in one folder.



Hi @derrickmg.admin, thanks for the feedback.

I do agree with you, but just to give you a bit of background on why this hasn’t been implemented so far. Unlike some other tools with fixed structure, Infinity is flexible and that can be a challenge when it comes to implementing some, let’s say, ‘basic’ features.

For example, in Trello, you have a Due Date and it’s logical that a reminder will be related to the due date.

In Infinity, as you know, you can have any number of fields. And you can have 3 different dates in a single folder. And then you can have 2 other dates in another folder - for example. And our system doesn’t have a clear rule on which date should be considered a due date.

This is a very simple explanation of a much more complex problem. :slight_smile:

That being said, we have started working on this feature. It is finally in the ‘Doing’ column. :raised_hands: We’re planning to release this feature in the near future, hopefully in Q1 of 2021 if everything goes according to plan.