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This has to be your number 1 priority if you want people to use your product efficiently and not give up and search for the competition as some have alluded to.
I myself, although wanting to, have not used it with certain clients for the lack of this Basic addition.
The completion rate of 15% seems to be stuck there forever, but its gotta have far more immediate importance (and possibly quicker to implement) than some of the other more difficult tasks you guys are working on.
The difference in efficiency this ONE feature will make to all of our productivity would be incredible. Infinity is literally broken without it.
Please consider bumping this up the order of importance.



While I agree that this is a very important feature, with the ability to use filter (hide all items checked as done) and sort (by date) you don’t have to search through a long list of your items missing deadlines. In addition you can use the calendar pretty well. See the screenshots.

The issue I really see here that is really missing is the Workspace overview. Using this workaround you have to have all tasks in one folder.



Hi @Derrick, thanks for the feedback.

I do agree with you, but just to give you a bit of background on why this hasn’t been implemented so far. Unlike some other tools with fixed structure, Infinity is flexible and that can be a challenge when it comes to implementing some, let’s say, ‘basic’ features.

For example, in Trello, you have a Due Date and it’s logical that a reminder will be related to the due date.

In Infinity, as you know, you can have any number of fields. And you can have 3 different dates in a single folder. And then you can have 2 other dates in another folder - for example. And our system doesn’t have a clear rule on which date should be considered a due date.

This is a very simple explanation of a much more complex problem. :slight_smile:

That being said, we have started working on this feature. It is finally in the ‘Doing’ column. :raised_hands: We’re planning to release this feature in the near future, hopefully in Q1 of 2021 if everything goes according to plan.



Good news. Keeping projects from falling through the cracks is very important. Also, my Team consists mostly of volunteer board members who, diligent as they are :wink:, can not be expected to review every item on a regular basis,

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When multiple Date attributes are in use, couldn’t Infinity developers set them up with a choice in their 3-dot “Edit attribute settings” menus that allows us to designate which Date attribute becomes the due date?

This is what’s been implemented as the way we designate which Text attribute becomes the primary attribute when multiple Texts attributes are in use.

Perhaps when it’s necessary for us to use multiple due date attributes simultaneously, the Date attribute’s 3-dot edit menu could display numbers with each designated due date, as a way to distinguish them i.e. Due Date 1, Due Date 2, Due Date 3, etc.



Hi @chrish, I believe something like this will indeed be the solution for implementing reminders. I’ll try to investigate a bit more on the logic of this implementation and let you know.

I do know that it will be the part of the big automation feature we’re preparing so you will be able to create your triggers and action on when you’ll receive reminders, etc.

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HI All - as a new user - I am looking for a “RECURRING” type feature which sets a repetitive task to show up in perpetuity - or as in OUTLOOK - to show up with a predefined frequency - with either an ‘end date’ or ‘no end date’
This may well be related to this topic here - I suspect it is in as much as I would like a ‘reminder’ function - but if my fuller request is handled somewhere - then if someone could please point me there that would be really helpful!

Much thanks! Lily



Hi Lily and welcome!
The developers are building the automation feature right now. Check out the roadmap to see it’s progress. You can also add your comments there on the reminders.

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Hello @Lily! You can find the Recurring items right here on our roadmap, like @micck mentioned we are already working on this and hopefully it will be live in the near future. :slight_smile:



Reminder is a very important feature that we looking forward to be available soon.

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I am literally using the app for 2 days now, trying to figure it out. Our main reason for investing in this tool was to bring our many processes into one place, we are currently using several different tools to manage our processes. It is essential for our design, marketing, billing and stream production team to have a calendar with due dates, recurring events/tasks and reminders. We are currently using google calendar to schedule our live stream productions and meetings; Pipefy for clients to submit information for their upcoming live stream shows, design requests and other support requests; MS todo to schedule day to day team tasks and a few other tools to manage processes.

We work with tight timelines that consist of both recurring projects/tasks like live stream show productions and one-off longterm and short term projects/tasks requests like graphic design, website design, domain and email registrations.

The success of our team is dependent on how well we manage recurring and once-off longterm and short term tasks. Therefore having the ability to schedule automations like recurring tasks and reminders are critical!

If you can make these two options a priority it will make the difference between a good or bad investment for us. I haven’t yet invited my team over to infinity after making the investment, if we can’t get these features it means we will have to continue using all the other many apps we’re currently using, my selling point to get my partners to approve this investment was the fact that we will be able to bring all our processes into one place. That currently seems to be far fetched idea.



Hi @logan, welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

As mentioned, we are already working on both recurring tasks and reminders. You can rest assured that automation (and all the features based on automation such as recurring, reminders and If this then that) is currently our main priority but this is a really ‘big’ feature that is very challenging and difficult to implement so it will take some time.




You can separate it with another attribute let’s call it “reminder date” + repeating calculation 1 to 10 that can be days or hours or minutes) with extra parameters to add a custom email, and your team members too.



Hi @faisal

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll pass it on to our team, however - first and most important thing is to develop and release automations, then additional improvements, functionalities could be added in order to have a more complete and better automations (in general).

It would be also great to separate date and time attribute, but that’s another story for some other topic :slight_smile:

Thanks once again!



Any update for us. I found myself still looking for the best todo app and I keep saying Infinity should do this and getting upset that I am even having to look. We are into Q2 now, so it’s taking longer than even @jovana had hoped. I hope there is good news on the very near horizon soon.



Hi @Derrick, unfortunately, I did overestimate our speed when it comes to the reminders when I responded to you at the beginning of this year.

All I can say is that we are currently working on automation - this is our biggest priority and pretty much the only thing our CTO and senior developers are focusing on right now. The plan is to build the foundation ‘automation’ and then from that we will be able to branch out into different types of automation like Reminders, If This Then That, Recurring Tasks, Dependencies (which are coming later) etc. - the ‘automation’ feature will be the basis of it all.

You may have seen the design for it on our roadmap, so this is how it’s going to work - you will basically be able to set your own ‘rules’, actions and triggers that will automate your workflow. If you haven’t, you can check it out here.

Automation is probably the most challenging feature we’ve ever had to build, and such features take time and the process of developing them is not always linear, things don’t always go according to plan, it takes some trial and error to get to the final result.

But once it’s completed, it will be an absolute game-changer for Infinity, and we’re all very much looking forward to that.

So I’m hoping we can ask for a bit more patience regarding this although we completely understand the impatience, we’re quite impatient too. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!



This will be super efficient in my company.

We want to set reminders. Maybe Email and notifications.

Or maybe a way to send Manual Notifications to the workspace group.



Hi @snowboarderhusky :wave:

I and many others agree with you on that one, it will provide so much more value than Infinity is already providing. Hopefully we will all get to enjoy them really soon - as our dev team keeps putting all their effort and resources into building those automations. :wink:

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The GIF @Jovana was showing is EPIC! Any update on this one? I see that it’s a big challenge, but at least give us some hope. Is it near? Any rough ETA?



Hi @saneofficial, glad you liked the GIF!

I can give you a little teaser. We’re working hard on reminders and fixing some final bugs we discovered, which means they are almost ready. Our aim is to release them in the next couple of weeks.

However, we’re also preparing a surprise or two for this release. And we have a feeling you guys will like it. :sunglasses: