Can't reorder attributes on cards in columns view


I was under the impression that we could re-order the attributes display on a card in columns view via “Customize”, but I can’t change their order. I’ve not done any significant work in columns view in sometime, so perhaps there’s something I’m not getting.

Is there something I’m missing?



Hey @chrish,

We’ve currently disabled an option to re-order attribute order in Columns View, and ‘fixed’ the order because of both the clunkiness that might happen (it’s a bit tougher to apply that in Columns) + our UX/UI changes.

It is available in List, Table & Forms, however.

We’re going to improve this with UX/UI improvements coming in the following weeks.


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I understand that you have disabled attribute re-order in cards but does that mean that when we reorder in List, Table, & Forms it will not translate over to cards. So no way to get cards to show a preferred order other than removing attributes and adding them back in the order we want/need them?

Hopefully this comes along with the ability to change the attribute types from any menu.



Hey @infinity.justs,

You can reorder this in the modal / right sidebar if the screenshots were implying on that. Just drag&drop attributes you wish to switch places :slight_smile:

Also, attributes are customizable (you change their order under ‘Customize’) in List & Table (in Table, you can actually drag&drop columns (attributes)).

Here’s a video: