Checkboxes on Mobile

Not so much a bug as a useless feature.

I have a bunch of check boxes in my app. When I view the app on mobile I see a line of them above the displayed text info.

Since there is no room for their identifying labels they are essentially meaningless.

Can you determine what is shown on mobile similar to how glideapps does it?

Hey @leshenderson

So sorry for a late response!

I’ve somehow missed this topic… :confounded:

Can you maybe give me a screenshot of what you exactly mean?

I have no idea how to take a screen shot of my phone. I think I explained it fairly well.

Checkboxes don’t have any labels in mobile. I plan to change them all to labels anyway, the minute you offer multi-select.

I think what OP wants to do is select the attributes that are displayed on the mobile view overview of boards for an item. I posted the same thing here:

At least I thin kit is the same question.

@leshenderson What device is that, btw? :slight_smile:

@scholvien Uhm, not sure if that’s the case. But it’s very similar. The first look on the cards from the mobile device could be a bit tough, because there is no precise information of which attribute exactly is used (especially if there are a lot of attributes, and a lot of same attribute-type).

Like I mentioned, that’s only until you open/expand that item.

I know it’s hard to work through combining the best preview for both desktop and mobile, but if you guys need any help, feel free to contact me personally.

And if you guys have any suggestion on the visual improvement, please let me know. I’ll be happy to forward it to the team.