Comments in Tasks

Its important to have the comments show up first before attributes. Attributes are mainly for admins and majority of people will be team members who would be commenting on projects so we need to see this first and foremost.

Can this be done please?

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Hey @nanohits

Let’s hear what other community members think, as well. :slight_smile:

We can think this through and make the final decision once we get a bit more feedback and thoughts.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Well its quite obvious that not all team members will be admins. The only ones using the attributes is who? You reckon team members will care about that? All 95% of people care about are what comments have been posted to the task. Wont you agree? Everyone single app I have used from Asana, to Ora etc all give prominence to Comments. If you are giving prominence to attributes that means your app is more Admin centric than user teams. At the end of the day its your app, you can do what you want with it but I think it makes no sense putting attributes ahead of comments.

Why does it have to be a this or that choice? Notion and Meistertask for example show comments and attributes on one page. Maybe put the comments at the top or bottom as a fixed section and attributes can be scrolled up and down?! Let’s try to find a solution for everybody.

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All I was asking was for the comments tab to be the 1st tab and attributes the 2nd tab. Thats it. Doesnt make sense to have attributes in the 1st tab as thats mainly for admins.

I love your point point, guys! Thanks for the input.

That’s definitely going to be a part of some of the following brainstorm sessions.

We highly appreciate all the suggestions. :raised_hands:

I respectfully disagree. It is logical to have attributes first and then comments and activity log tabs. That is the best solution as is currently. I think when opening a task I want to see details and attributes. If Infinity gets notification system, maybe if we have a notification about the comment and we click it, then a task can be opened with comments tab right away. But I would love everyone to be happy, so if there is an option to make all users happy that would be the best.


I think they can have icons for attributes. If you look at ALL major task software like Notion, Asana, Ora etc, they all give prominence to comments. At the end of the day what is your team asked to do in tasks? Mainly to give feedback and comments. Things like due date etc is usually set by the task starter not the team member. Also the task details can show up on the main task box itself. What would the team member use the attributes for? Other than looking at deadline etc which is already there in the main box. If you have these:, that attributes tab doesnt even need to be the first thing that shows up. I for one have 99% of my team members that comment first before sending attachments etc

Vito no its not. All other apps have comments showing right in front. Attributes come in icons or separately. See Asana screenshot:
Ora Secreenshot:

The layouts on these are much more structured. You can see prominence is given to comments. Attributes are mainly icons. Makes it much easier.

Honestly, I prefer all in one tab, nicely layed out like Clickup for example.

Yes, Ora is much like Clickup, they do not have tabs, all in one spot. Just think it makes sense to separate or have ability filter comments vs activity.

But do not forget, Infinity has tables . Ora and Clickup do not yet. So with Infinity also makes sense list attributes from up down in the same order they appear in table view. If attributes will be distributed across the task card, will be a mess. So infinity is taking Airtable’s approach. I just hope comments & activity are moved in the same tab and will be placed on the right of attributes (just like Airtable does it).

I just feel there needs ot be prominence given to comments. After all if you start a project of ideas, whats 99% of people going to do, They are going to comment. I love the fact that in a lot of the apps, you can comment , then see the file all in one place without having to tab to look at things. So there is a constant flow without the constant clicking

I completely agree with you. I think the best solution keep attributes the way they are now (Airtable style) and move comments & activities in the same tab. So a card will have just one tab, we will see attributes, can comment right away and see all activities on the card. So definitely looking forward to this change for a better productivity. Would that make you happy if comments & activities were moved like I described?

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The other thing I have a massive problem with is, when I attach a file it shows up on the task. Why does it show up there? And if you delete that, the whole task gets deleted. It should only be shown in the attributes in this case not on the Task box.

Vito thats fine, but I still prefer Comments and activities on the 1st tab and attributes shown as the 2nd tab.

I understand you, I think best approach is all in one tab so we see attributes, comments, activities in one single tab (Airtable, Ora, Clickup have this like that). This will make everyone happy when we get rid of tabs. I hope someone from Infinity team can express their opinions on suggestion =)

Yes I like Clickups layout , all in one so you dont have to do the constant clicking to get to places.

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For me and my team members the most important thing is “Checklist” attribute and I woudnt like it to be moved into the background because of comments.

UX and UI can be powerful and accomodate a lot of scenarios and I guess Infinty’s design team can make all of us happy but they do need time and feedback to make it right.

Yes but checklist can be there without a big attribute tab being there right up front. But no matter what, no one since we are humans can we please 100% of the people. So its is really up to Infinity to decide but going by EVERY single competitor they put comments to be the priority. If you dont think so then you havent played with many apps like this then.