Growing Need, Growing Urgency: Checklist improvements


I know we’ve talked about this before (Due dates for Checklist items, Creating a task list from a template, with due dates based on "days from today", New attribute: Sub tasks, Reminders for subtasks, Comments in Tasks, Nested tasks ("true" subtasks) etc.)…

I would really love to see tasks get a little bit of love. Consider this a “bump” for the following features:

  1. Subtasks
  2. Due Dates
  3. Reminders
  4. Uncompleted tasks filter
  5. “All Projects” view
  6. Task automation logic (and overall automation features)

I know that some of those features are behemoths, but it seems that these are all of the high priority features from Infinity Users.



Thank you for the nudge @BaiJie. :slight_smile:

We know these are important and definitely plan to show tasks some love and focus on these features in the upcoming months. I believe there’s no need to mention the roadmap as you’re probably familiar with it but some of the first things that are coming are automation (if this then that, recurring tasks and reminders). API is also going to be a huge focus very soon. And subtasks will probably have to wait for a bit longer but are definitely planned (and in the backlog at the moment).