Convert Long Text to Text

Is it possible to convert a Long Text attribute into a Text attribute?

I selected it by accident when I was setting up my data. I now have everything setup in a folder with about 1000 records in various sub-folders. I could export, set up a new attribute, then reimport everything but I’d like to save the time, if possible, but I’m not seeing a way to do that.


I second this.

Airtable handles this well with the ability to change the attribute type to any other type, with pre defined conversion rules.

I.e. Long Text to Text: would remove all text formatting
I.e. Text to Labels: Splits strings by commas

I think this is an important usability feature to address.


Honestly we need the ability to convert any attribute to any other attribute. Things change, especially when importing data from Excel or Trello.

E.g. Something that was a name in Excel may need to be a label in Infinity. Etc.

Or we simply find that the original attribute world be better as a different attribute.


+1 for this. Ran into this issue a couple times already as well.


@coa speaking of conversion this item seems more appropriate in feature request? Or should a new thread be created? “Attribute Conversion and Interchangeability

1+ for this. Definitely a great feature request.


I don’t think this is a feature request, I think this is a MUST! If you click the wrong one, you have to create a whole new column! and why does it say in the help section that you can do it? Often, we are brainstorming as we make the sheets, then after using it for a bit, we decide that we could do something better. I’m really surprised this feature is not available!


At this point, I create very little in Infinity. I make nearly every board in another tool first, (Excel, Trello, Airtable, ClickUp), refine everything and then import it to Infinity.

The team knows I love infinity and I am one of your earliest and most active supporters but the creation features are not great.

The lack of integrations, web clipping, editing capabilities, formulas, and automations keep me in a hybrid system.

I know someday I’ll be all-in with Infinity just not there yet. The ability to easily switch between attributes would go a long way toward that moment.


I’m glad I’m not alone in this.


started a thread in feature request with your title suggestion. thanks

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