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Make a button to GoTo your dashboards from the forums! (4)
Calendar View - multi-day bars (4)
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Applying template per Folder within a board, rather than applying template to board (6)
Saving board setup as custom template (2)
Translation / localisation / language choice (3)
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Date Picker - Flexible Width? (2)
Templates (discussion) (2)
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Dark Mode Theme? (5)
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Grouping by Assignees and Completed together (2)
All Tasks from children folders should appear in the parent directory (4)
Team Comments on an Item (2)
Make Labels Clickable in Items (2)
Allow to add folder path as a field (2)
"Attribute Name" instead of "Enter Text" (4)
Number One Feature Request: TABLE VIEW (3)
Word wrap for long text fields in List View? (3)
“Lock” views for other team members (3)
Adjustable Font Sizes (3)
Split Screen View (5)
Adjustable Kanban Card Size (7)
Git Integration (2)
Rapid item creation (3)
Email Integration (8)