Create Rules for to automate cross board and Workspace

Hi, I would like to request something to automate if certain task is tagged/change status it would trigger an action to others also like butler in Trello.

I want it not limited to same board but also trigger an action to other board and Workspace.

example. Let say I have 3 boards. Please refer to this screen capture:

I want if certain Task in Board Client A or B will update Task in Board Daily Work. The reason is I want my team members will refer only master board for their daily task (summary of all tasks for all client)

Without it, my team member will have to click every Client board just to check their daily work and can take lot of time if you have lot of client board.

Plus it be easier we can pinned the board so it stays or can be drag like in ORA.

Hey @bloggerkickstart,

Thanks for sharing this suggestion.

I’ll put your suggestion in the queue as ‘Board navigation and action improvements’.

The one thing that pops into my mind is this feature/functionality: See all tasks assigned to a user across all boards and workspaces

With automating processes between boards + pinning/highlighting the ‘main board’, we might see the sort of solution for this feature, as well.

Also, moving boards between workspaces and reordering them will be possible very soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything!

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Thanks @coa! Yeah, I like the idea of master view or whatever as long I can automate a centralize Workspace task. Its easier to monitor in one Board compare going each board just to recheck.

The more automation we can do, the powerful system will be. Thanks for considering.

Glad that moving between workspace and board will be available soon.

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