Creating a task list from a template, with due dates based on "days from today"


I’m tracking real estate transactions, and every time we start a new transaction, there are a slew of tasks that we know we’ll need to do, and they all have due dates that are based on when we setup the transaction.

For instance, let’s say I’m working with a buyer and we put a property under contract. Here are some of the tasks I’d like to create:

  • Order home inspection (due in two days)
  • Turn ratified contract in to settlement agent (due in two days)
  • Attend home inspection (due in ten days)
  • Provide inspection addendum to listing agent (due in 14 days)
  • Request copy of WDI, well, septic test results (due in 21 days)

You can see that they all have dates on them, but the date they are due is based on when I created the whole list of tasks.

What I’d like to do is create “template” of some kind, and then every time a property goes under contract, use that template to generate a new set of tasks for that property, with the due dates set appropriately.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this in Infinity. Can someone provide some guidance?



Hi @josh1, welcome to the community!

It really depends on the structure you create.

If you have an item ‘New property in DC’ and then 5 checklist items for sub tasks, than you can add ‘default’ items for that checklist and it will be there by default in any new item.

If you have a folder ‘New property in DC’ and then 5 items inside as sub tasks, than you can duplicate folder with items for each new property.

Hope this helped.

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Is there a way where if we add “2” in a column for “due in 2 days” that Infinity will automatically populate the actual date?

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Hey @ken, thanks for posting. There’s no way at the moment to do that in Infinity. This will hopefully be possible with Automations and Formulas later this year. Thanks

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