Default Values in Checklist?

It might be nice to be able to have default values in a checklist, so it can automatically be populated for all items.

Hi @BaiJie, cool idea! What default values did you have in mind?

It would be a custom list that you could have auto-generated for every item. An example could be a sequence of steps required for every item (sent email, called, person-to person discussion, etc.) Another example could be a list of items that are applicable to that item.

Maybe these things would be better with a new tag, so different views could filter the results. I thought it might be worth a discussion though.

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Thanks for the explanation @BaiJie. I’m not sure how this would look from a technical standpoint and how challenging it would be to implement, but I’ll add it to our suggestion log so let’s see what the dev team says. :slight_smile:


The default values in checklists solution @BaiJie describes is excellent. A fitting example of this that immediately comes to mind that would work within the framework of Infinity’s fluidly adaptable user customization, is Gmail’s “Canned responses” feature, which allows users to save multiple unique email responses as templates for future use. These templates are available as a catalogue from which to choose for use as needed.

Include the access button to Infinity’s catalogue of “Custom Checklists” in the “Add an Attribute” list. Clicking this “Custom Checklists” button will take the user to a vault that contains the catalogue of unique checklists they’ve created. There the user will have the choice to single-use a checklist, or configure the checklist to auto-generate for all items with a designating trigger (the choice to single-use or auto-generate is a serious nod to Infinity’s customizable and flexible features!).

With this setup, even though the location of the vault that contains the catalogue of custom checklists is outside the “Add an Attribute” list, access to the vault is via the “Custom Checklists” button included in the “Add an Attribute” list. So using the new custom checklists attribute is consistent with Infinity’s established flow of using attributes.

This would be a great way to implement saved custom checklists.

Hey @chrish, thanks for the detailed description and suggestion how it could look. I agree with you that this would be a cool option to add and it would contribute to Infinity’s flexibility and customization but, as I said, I’m not sure how it would fit into the overall system - our product team will decide this best.

But awesome that you guys opened this discussion, so let’s see what other community members say. :slight_smile:


This would be awesome. I love the suggestion by @chrish. Hopefully this is in the works, would be one of the most used features my team would use. Thanks