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Please allow me to rearrange the list order in which the boards show up under each workspace. Currently, in the desktop view, I am able to arrange the boards in the main window, BUT when I click on “Boards” in the top left corner, the drop-down list under each Workspace is not in the order that I have them arranged, and I am unable to change this.

I have a certain logic by which I want to arrange my boards for quick access and currently I have to scroll down to find the board I need to work on, whereas I would prefer to be able to arrange my primary boards at the top of the drop-down list.

This also applies to the Mobile App.



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Hi @cedric.vanduyn and @chrish :wave:

We have worked on this a bit, it’s still not the way you suggested, but it’s been greatly improved in the sense of - they are now shown in the same way as they are on your main window (as they appear in the workspace).

So, if you set them in a specific way (order) in the main windows, they will appear in the board menu (top left side of your screen) in the same way as they are in your workspace. So, now you can actually set the primary ones as the very first ones in each and every workspace you own, and you’ll see them like that in the board menu.

In the future, we might add the possibility to change the order in there (board menu) as well, but for now it will probably stay like this for some time.

You suggestion was added internally as a completely separate ticket, so thank you for that!

Let us know it this has helped at least a little bit, also if you have any other suggestions, feel free to post them here, we’ll be happy to go through them together.

Thank you :pray:

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This coinciding arrangement functionality with respect to boards’ arrangement in a workspace, impacting how they are arranged in the board drop down menu is news to me! I’m very happy to hear it exists! Being able to rearrange how boards appear in the drop down menu is something I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning.

When was this implemented? Was its arrival as a feature mentioned and made clear in any of the features updates notifications?



Hey @chrish :wave:

It was a fairly new addition, probably 2 weeks ago, but we did not announce it straight away as we had other things coming our way as well, so we wanted to bundle it all in just one announcement :pray:

You can click HERE to see our complete announcement of everything we released recently.

We also post our updates in our private facebook community, so if you aren’t a part of it, maybe now is the best time to JOIN.

You can also see it now on our public roadmap, in the folder called “Updates 2021”, month subfolder -> “October (ongoing)”. We’ll always update everything there as soon as features/improvements and bug fixes are officially released :slight_smile:

Hope that covers it all :pray::v:




Thanks, I saw it included in this recent major update announcement. I don’t do anything with or on Facebook, so I’ll just hear about the updates when they are posted here or the public roadmap.



Hi @chrish :wave:

Alright, that is more than fair.

In that case we would always suggest checking out our official ROADMAP where you can see absolutely everything when it comes to our features (in development, released, upcoming) :raised_hands: :clap:

Take care :v:

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