Email Notifications for due tasks

Getting an email every morning with a list of all due (and overdue) tasks for that day would be awesome. Is that possible to integrate?

That’s a wonderful idea! I get this from Todoist (still 2 projects remain there) and Facile Things (for personal stuff). I guess that feature would possible after My Dashboard overhaul.


Hey @micck, @man!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys.

I agree with you - that’d be amazing.

I really hope we can see this feature with a combo of Reminders and Automations feature.

We might see with only Reminders being live, which is (again, I hope, and is planned) not before October.

Thank you very much for being active and creative with your suggestions, you inspire and motivate us on a daily level. :slight_smile:


Hoping this can happen soon too. I am jumping through boards to see what is due which makes me more unorganized than organized (Infinity’s purpose)


Hey @chadprinsloo!

It will definitely happen soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your honest feedback!


Hi, yup, I’m also waiting for reminders functionality for due tasks. (As an email or/and in notification center). In this way, Infinity can be used as a CRM and Project Management tool more consistently.


Most of the competitors of Infinity support this feature. We maintain multiple workspaces and projectboards. In order for Infinity to be a real supporting tool, it should facilitate users to have an overview of all due tasks.


This is a potential implemention for reminders, directly in the record itself as a checkbox for the date and time field:

Otherwise Stackby has a reminder window built directly into the record view screen which is another good way of implementing this:


Thanks for the suggestion and resource, @CodeKnight.

Stackby has done a really good job regarding this, but we also like Trello’s reminder feature :slight_smile:


I think having email digests would be nice!
If I got an email every morning with comments on items I am assigned to, new assignments, and upcoming/expired tasks, I would be able to start the day knowing what is on my plate.


Has this happened yet?

Hello @dre! Welcome to the community!

This feature has not been implemented yet - but it’s currently in our backlog. You can check it out and vote for it on our public roadmap -

Since it’s in the Backlog, it means that we’ll start working on it probably in the next few months, once we’re done with some current priorities.

This is needed.

I want a reminder option too.