Additional Attributes

  1. Actions
    Allows you to set up a series of actions / macro. A button is generated in the attribute field. Clicking the button runs through all the actions in the created macro. Maybe it could even trigger a Zapier event? or perhaps it could even be triggered by a set of criteria in other attributes, i.e. run these actions when…Date is passed due, Collaborator is assigned, etc…
    The next three attributes could be integrated into this one attribute type to keep things neat and tidy.

  2. Send SMS
    Lets you configure an SMS populated and customised with the data of the record. Click the button in this attribute opens a view showing the SMS you will send and the number to which you are sending it (likely a number stored in another attribute)

  3. Send email
    An attribute that lets you create a default email template populated from the data provided in each record. In this attribute you have a button. When you click the button it opens your default mail app or a custom infinity screen showing the complete email with populated data, then you can click send it send it to the email designated in one of the other attributes.

  4. Set reminder / notification
    This should be a checkbox under the current “Date and Time” attribute. The check box once ticked will prompt the user to take action, i.e. infinity notification, email, conditional colouring of the line, etc…

  5. API
    Integrations and Attributes
    *I Believe this one is big enough to warrant it’s own thread

  6. Formula
    Used to connect data from fields in the row and across rows, could be used to create a template, populated with data from the row. SMS and Email could reference this data when creating their messages.

Hey @CodeKnight!

  1. This specific attribute is something that I’m, personally, seeing for the first time. :slight_smile: I like it, though. And from your explanation of how it could work, I’m guessing we might think about it after the Automations are built. (or If this then that)

  2. Maybe as a part of ‘Phone’ attribute (we have that in plans).

  3. Similar as no.2 – as a part of ‘Email’ attribute.

And as for reminders, API and formulas; we have an ambition to start working on those in April/May (hopefully). :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the detailed brief!

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I Like it!

#1 is like Butler to Trello, if certain rule are met than something happens! Here is more info - This would be a great addition especially of it could trigger events outside of Infinity.


Now THIS would be huge, probably work through one of the integration platforms like, Zapier, or IFTTT. I.e. When conditions met, it signals the integration platform to perform a series of actions. Or could work directly though the native integrations that infinity are building.

Use Cases:

  1. Migrate / Copy data to OneDrive after a certain age / date (I.e. Archive Legacy Data / Backup)
  2. Post article to FB, Twitter, Instagram one field contains “Release/Done”

I was thinking this as well, however i also recognised a situation where you might want multiple templates to use as single phone number, or the person has multiple phone numbers, and you want one template to choose the either / both numbers. Same applies to emails.

I.e. Message onboarding process:

  1. Intro
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Follow up
  4. Sale / Close

The “Actions” attribute should also be able to change the value of other attributes.

I.e, for each template sent it updates a status field to a different value.