Flexible Background Images & Color Selections


This one is easiest of all from implementation point of view. With image compression technologies nowadays performance should not suffer too for background image loading.

  1. It would be great to have Dashboard Background Image, Workspace / Board Background Images. Like Trello and almost all other tools offer that for a reason. It just helps user to personalize the tool giving it a personal touch to it. Plus it will look pretty. If you want you can have couple of tested options to choose from including just plain or gradient color background images.
  2. Board Colors, Label Colors etc… wherever there is need to have color in app, currently there are quite limited number of colors. Just adding more colors or possibility of giving color palate will just help user to not have duplication of colors and more importantly user will have possibility to even personalize with more flexibility with whatever color preference user has.


Hey @gosahd,

I think this was part of the suggestion I’ve already put into the pipeline, which you also shared on the CF.

So I’m definitely with you on this one!

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The other feature request I put with more advanced business intelligence enablement was a bit more time consuming and careful planning for the dashboard to be accurate and meaningful.

This one is just about beautification, personalizing and a bit flexibility This one is quite simpler I think to get introduced. It will remove that plane white background and make it a bit more eye pleasing.

No worries, leave it to you.

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