Google Cloud Integration (OCR, TTS, STT, Translate)

I believe this is more a feature request than an integration as it would be integrated behind the scenes and made accessible to all users of infinity.

I want to see Google Cloud Integrated with the following features made accessible in the views.

In particular this integration could occur through a new attribute field called “Actions/API/Formula” (Click the link for an example of what each of these attributes would do.)

  1. Google Translate: Useful if you are taking feedback from customers in other countries and languages. Formula attribute could be used to translate the contents of another attribute into a designated language.
  2. Google Vision: Scans uploaded image attachments for text and extracts this text into this attribute. Could be done via formula attribute.
  3. Google Text to Speech: Probably a “Macro” attribute that gives you a button to press which then converts text in a choose field into spoken audio and then reads it aloud.
  4. Google Speech to Text: Would be great to see this on forms, where a user can hit a button and dictate a response to the survey question. Would give a much richer response as it is easier for the customer to say what they want to say without taking too much of their time.

Woah, thanks for the detailed suggestion!

I’ve just pasted it as a new suggestion/feature ticket, literally haha.

I like it :slight_smile:

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