Have negative filters in views in "parent folder" item

We use some folders in a board to archive done “projects” and to have some assets and templates, we name them with z_{name} and we want to hide them out from overview views.

We don’t use the built templates way because sharing templates to workspace members is a headache Share templates with all workspace members easily

It surprised us the parent folder item in filters has no negative options like others items. Negative filters like the kanban item ones would make the work to get that folders out of the overview type views.

There are negative filters for some attribute types. Such as Checkboxes and Labels. Also many workarounds such as using keywords in a Text attribute, an automation+separate archive folder, status Label attribute…

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your question, but I don’t have any trouble hiding content using filters.

Am I missing the point of your question or some issue that you’re facing?

I just re-read your post. I think what you are saying is that the Source Folder attribute lacks any negative filtering options. If that is your point, I agree this would be a good addition.

@Jovana @marko any chance an option or two could be added to that filter?

More like the Label attribute filter options:

Hey there @javi and @infinity.justs :wave:

When it comes to Infinity and our filters, if you simply want to “hide something”, its usually the best to “filter” what you want to see, in that case you don’t get to see things you don’t want to see.

If I want to exclude tasks that are labeled as “done” and “in progress”, I’ll set a filter that will show me only “to do” tasks. In that way, I am looking at to do tasks only and not “done” and “in progress” ones.

Yes, it is true that certain attributes come with certain filter options, but without knowing exactly how things are structured on @javi’s side, I cannot really come up with a great solution, better suggestion or confirm if something is missing.

@javi I would encourage you to share a few extra details with us (like @infinity.justs mentioned above) so that we can take a closer look and see what you are dealing with.

Also, this might be much better, easier and faster to go through with our chat support - so if you have the time, don’t hesitate to reach out to our agents - who will be able to tell you / help you with filters. (it’s the fastest way to get our help ).

Cheers :v:

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