Share templates with all workspace members easily

We wanna share templates for all the workspace members or to many of them but the actual sistem of share one by one writting their emails is a headache.

Make possible to share to workspace members selecting them as now is possible with assign to boards and a way of share with all mambers.

Some related items to add your vote to or create your own suggestion:

Hey there @javi

I absolutely agree with you on this one, the entire flow and ease of sharing these custom templates should be improved and made much easier to share in the future. :crossed_fingers:

However - currently, this isn’t our main focus, as we have focused on some of the technical aspects of Infinity, refactoring and improvement of some of our existing features (like automations), we are also aiming on introducing Dark mode in the near future.

Regardless, I would like to encourage you to vote for the suggestions @infinity.justs mentioned above, as that will help us immensely with deciding what to improve next or how to improve them. Also, if you have some other suggestions regarding Infinity and our features - please do not hesitate to submit them through this FORM.

Cheers :v:

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