How to Calculate the Amount of Time Between Two Dates


Having a start date and a monthly subscription price, I would like to calculate the Lifetimevalue of a client. Therefor I need to know how many months the client has been active. I couldn’t find a way to calculate that with the formulas. I tried different possibilities using the formulas DATE, DATEVALUE, MINUS, MULTIPLY, TIME, TIMEVALUE and more.

Has anyone an idea how to do it?



Using the DAYS formula did work. Thanks Darko for the advise!
multiply with 12 for the months
divide through 365.2524 for the days in a year.

Would love a months formula, too, to avoid all those decimal places.

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Glad to hear that Darko’s advice helped you with this! :slight_smile:



I still can’t seem to get this working between 2 date columns.

The DAYS(columnA, columnB) complains about the argument being the wrong type. And both columnA and columnB are date attributes.



That´s weird. It works on my end. Maybe these screenshots help:

Did you only type the column name or did you choose from the appearing dropdown? The column name background has to be greyed (see screenshot)



I am very lost. If I add the date by a number 3, then the rest of the date disappears.



I think we really need the documentation for this attribute. “Date + 3” seems to only use the year.

Do you have multiple attributes that are labeled “Refund by”? This is the only way I can reproduce your error: Choosing for example a text attribute (with the same name);




I tried other date attributes and created a new date attribute, never used before, all with the same result.



Mystery solved - believe it or not it’s browser incompatibility.
The same formula column edited in Firefox works, and remains working when viewed in Safari.
But it cannot be edited/saved in Safari.

Safari is my default browser and I have been experiencing many problems.

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Formulas not working in Safari