How to Calculate the Amount of Time Between Two Dates

Having a start date and a monthly subscription price, I would like to calculate the Lifetimevalue of a client. Therefor I need to know how many months the client has been active. I couldn’t find a way to calculate that with the formulas. I tried different possibilities using the formulas DATE, DATEVALUE, MINUS, MULTIPLY, TIME, TIMEVALUE and more.

Has anyone an idea how to do it?

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Using the DAYS formula did work. Thanks Darko for the advise!
multiply with 12 for the months
divide through 365.2524 for the days in a year.

Would love a months formula, too, to avoid all those decimal places.


Glad to hear that Darko’s advice helped you with this! :slight_smile:

I still can’t seem to get this working between 2 date columns.

The DAYS(columnA, columnB) complains about the argument being the wrong type. And both columnA and columnB are date attributes.

That´s weird. It works on my end. Maybe these screenshots help:

Did you only type the column name or did you choose from the appearing dropdown? The column name background has to be greyed (see screenshot)

I am very lost. If I add the date by a number 3, then the rest of the date disappears.

I think we really need the documentation for this attribute. “Date + 3” seems to only use the year.

Do you have multiple attributes that are labeled “Refund by”? This is the only way I can reproduce your error: Choosing for example a text attribute (with the same name);


I tried other date attributes and created a new date attribute, never used before, all with the same result.

Mystery solved - believe it or not it’s browser incompatibility.
The same formula column edited in Firefox works, and remains working when viewed in Safari.
But it cannot be edited/saved in Safari.

Safari is my default browser and I have been experiencing many problems.

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