How to create an embedded catalogue

I organize a catalogue for a small library (about 150 books) from a society.
Instead of presenting the catalogue on the website using a pdf file, I`d like to use an embedded infinity board/folder Infinity.

So when a visitor looks through the embedded catalogue, I want him to be able to sort, filter, customize, group and pin the table view. But I do not want these changes to happen to other visitors. Other visitors should be able to sort, filter, customize, group, pin by themselves. Also new visitors should always start with the default view.
Now the changes anyone does is reverted saying “action is unauthorized”, but I cannot change it in the sharing settings, even when all options (Create (and edit owning items), Edit all items, Post comments) are chosen, it´s not working.

Is it somehow possible to do achieve what I describe?

Hi @micck, I believe we touched on this a bit when we discussed the possible solutions for our public roadmap (not exactly sure what topic it was). Unfortunately, for now it’s not possible to manage a public board as you’re describing.

If a guest has the permissions to make edits, those edits will be visible to all other people who can access the board. It’s not ideal but that’s how it works for now.

Perhaps we will add an option to use a public board as you can use our ‘Preview Template’ where people can play around the tool but those changes are not saved. Your use case is a great example for this, so I’ll open a ticket for the dev team and try to find out how likely it is we can implement something like this.

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Click into the roadmap to see more of the conversation. :slight_smile:

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@Jovana The option of using the"Preview Template"-code/technique for public boards is a great idea. :+1:
Sorry for being redundant, but sometimes I get a little bit impatient :see_no_evil:

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@BaiJie Thanks for the link. I think in the end it would be a great thing if there would be a MyView option, but I wouldn’t know how to structure that for team boards. It´s a really complicated issue if you want to provide a default-view and MyView option at the same time. But I´m sure team infinity will find a solution that will satisfy our needs.

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