Infinity Product Roadmap

nice :+1: is there some way to “watch” items i’m interested in (getting email notification when status changes or comments are added?) Or is this implicit by voting for roadmap items?

Awesome! It is finally here! Where can we grab a copy of this template for use within our own businesses?

I think you’ll receive notification for comments if you comment on an item :slight_smile: that’s how u become a ‘watcher’ for a single item in Infinity.

You can also put our landing page in your favorites and check occasionally :stuck_out_tongue:

@CodeKnight I was waiting for your message, buddy :slight_smile: Glad to hear u like it.

Yes, I’ll make sure to let the team know of this idea, and I hope we’ll see it in the Templates page, ready for you to quickly import it as your own, very soon.

Is there a way to watch the board? I was trying to click on the little eye on top, but there was no response…

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I’ve tried to add this as a feature request :stuck_out_tongue: but got the following errors when submitting the Form:

Me too :frowning: and my suggestion I was working for the last half an hour is nowhere to be found…

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Damn, sorry for this @hpoul, @man.

We’ll get on this immediately.

I am a little confused by public roadmap. Is this still being updated. Seems updates stopped in may?

Also community voice, when do ideas from here get consolidated and moved into the roadmap? As the suggestions here grow longer and longer, with the ranking system new ideas are left at the bottom, with less chance of moving up the ranking. I suggest new ideas for a week should be at the top of the list and then after 1 week drop into the vote ranking sort. Could be achieved via formula field.

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@stefan When can we hope for the consolidation of ideas on the public roadmap community voice? This needs to result in a cleanup of suggestions in the community voice.

A big improvement to this board would be making the most recent suggestions the default view in community voice section. Unfortunately as suggestion quantity increases and items are ranked by most votes, the items with most votes will be at the top of the list meaning they receive the most views and subsequently most new votes as well. Meaning that once an item takes the top spot they are unlikely to stay there, even if the community sentiment is more positive towards an idea posted recently with only 1 or 2 votes currently and living at position 250+ in the list of ideas.

The other issue i see is that over time engagement with the roadmap will taper off. On release of the roadmap, the hype brought in a lot of activity, meaning that items on the board at that time received a large audience of positive customers. Meaning lots of votes, this being another reason why it will be particularly difficult to have new great ideas appear in the ranking.

Maybe we can fix this by having an attribute “Closed” checkbox, that hides items from the community voice and moves it into another “Closed” tab. That way new items have a fair chance of moving into a top ranking and over inflated initial suggestions are removed from the equation eventually. Giving all new ideas a fair shot at scoring a few votes by having the first view the users see as the most recent is important as it is more likely to give a fair distribution of votes.

Anyone else have some improvements they want to see on the public infinity roadmap?

@man @BaiJie @chrish @stefan

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For some further context, I have just finished converting over all my Infinity forum suggestions into Community Voice submissions on the public roadmap.

As you can see all of these ideas are ranked in the 250+ region and are likely never to be seen unless someone really digs.

Not sure how the “Most Recent” view works, but it is definitely not by when it was posted? At the time of this post it has been just over 20 minutes since i finished uploading all of those community voice suggestions, and somehow all of these posts are sitting 50 places down? Anyone know why this would be?

I can answer my own suggestion, so “Recent View” is broken by listing that have “Invalid Date” They all rank above the most recent date. Meaning no one will see most recent as the top 40 are stagnant “Invalid Date” entries


Great posts @CodeKnight

This additional idea to boost roadmap participation came to my mind:
Using two columns: “absolute number of votes” and “recent votes”

Here´s how it works:
In the same turn (maybe once a month) when the infinity team consolidates all new suggestions, the number of “recent votes” is added to the “absolute number of votes”. The “recent votes” are set to zero, so that every active community member can vote again.
This will

  1. bring members back who have already voted so that they will browse also through newer suggestions which will enliven the roadmap again.
  2. give the infinity team a better idea of what is most wanted at the moment, so that they can make better decisions on more accurate data.
  3. reward active members by getting additional votes which will strengthen the community and stimulate community participation which is important for the further development of infinity.

I would also add another attribute to the roadmap which describes how much development time the item probably takes.
This will help the infinity team be able to

  1. Keep a better overview and
  2. add small, but maybe game-changing/important improvements, much faster.
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I think a lot of this has to do with two different subjects:

  1. A “My View” functionality that has been discussed before, which would allow users to view a public board (or a team board), and make edits to the filters, sorting, or view (Kanban, list, etc.) without affecting what everyone else sees. Perhaps the changes could be saved in cache, and in order to update the actual view, a “Save View” button could be added. That button could be protected so no one is allowed to change the default view. See Here and Here for discussions that are related.
  2. the Roadmap is awesome, and keeping it together could be a full time job. If more time was spent on it to combine votes, consolidate issues, and be active on the comments section, it would be awesome! It is also an amazing test environment, where features that are needed by the community can be quickly brought to light (e.g. what we are talking about right now, and being able to “Watch” a public board, and having extra attributes with automated functionality).

Anyways. There is a lot here, and a lot more to come. I’m excited for Infinity!


Great insight @micck, never thought of this, would also help solve my issues. Might even be a better way of ranking by recent and ranking by all time.


I’m not sure if I understand you correctly but you mean that there can be 2 types of views (tabs): global ones which can be optionally locked and private (for the current user). I have to admit I really like that idea.

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Separating working team’s view from guests is very important for Infinity to go viral.

Right now I am very reluctant to share Infinity to others because I either make it look perfect, statically, or don’ show it and cause negative impression to confuse people. I’d rather just send a spreadsheet for guests to play with the data themselves.

The items with 0 vote in “Community’s Voice” are the perfect examples of this problem:

  • Guests can’t find the “information” effectively and they are giving up because of TL;DR. Each person comes to the board to find something relevant to them and right now it’s difficult to focus for different interests. So people create duplicated entries or simply move on to something else after reading first few lines.

When we can confidently and safely distribute the prepared data to guests, Infinity’s publicly will naturally jump to another level.

As of now, the data can’t be prepared - because everyone shares the same view. And the permissions aren’t granular enough to separate different “viewers” to different sets of data, let alone a few attachment security/referencing challenges that isn’t safe enough for me to share.


Absolutely agrre @j11
Without a sorting/grouping/filtering access it does not make sense to provide a board with more than 20 items to anyone.

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Yes and no, I am talking about a view that is locked for editing, but while a guest is on, items can be organized, filtered, searched, and reorganized without affecting how it looks for anyone else. The functionality doesn’t work with the logic for constant updates that Infinity currently supports, but there is a complex issue here that does need to be addressed.


@marko can we get an update on the above comments, regarding private filtering, grouping and sorting of a shared view