Infinity Product Roadmap

Hey @marc.maessen,

Bulk edit / Multiple Select is currently a Medium priority.

  1. Our plan is to focus right now on roles/advanced permissions, and after that, we’ll make a Bulk Edit / Multiple Select a high priority task/feature.

  2. Import / Export of .csv files is a work in progress task. The newest addition to our team is an experienced full-stack developer who has started working on import/export .csv feature.

Here’s one of the previews from Invision:

  1. Regarding ‘Day View’: My suggestion would be to have a separate view and combine grouping (ex. by date) and filter options (filter out only today’s date).


Hope this was helpful :slight_smile:

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Hey @zulhafizackcorps,

Thanks for the question.

So, we’re hoping that our members will be available to download the app in roughly 4 weeks from now.

The app will pretty much be similar to the current mobile web version, with a dedicated team improving it and adding additional and unique value over time.

We’re sorry for the slight delay, but it’ll be worth it. I promise :slight_smile:

First of all thanks for the quick and detailed reply !! The CSV import is looking great in any case and I hope the Export function will be ready within the next 2 months.

The Day View workaround doesn’t work for me as I also need to see the start times of each item. This isn’t visible as far as I can tell.

For your information, in order to work with and learn from Infinity I’m using it for a fun project for an upcoming festival with LOTS (over 200) bands spread across 11 stages over 5 days. I want to add dates and start times, incl. the stage names and preferences as lables. I then want to generate an overview per day which shows me something similar to an Outlook day view of your calendar basically (with timeslots) but also has the option to display other information on the items entered like lables.

If this isn’t possible, then I need the CSV Export feature mostly as otherwise all my information won’t be ready for me to use when we go to the festival in little over 2 months time and I might have to stop using Infinity for this test and setup something different for learning to use it with :slight_smile:

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Hey @marc.maessen

Thanks for the detailed brief!

Also, thanks for taking a chance with Infinity, as well. I think your use case is so exciting!

Regarding the ‘day view’: What do you exactly mean by 'you can’t see the ‘start time of each item’?

I just wanted to let you know that you can have multiple attributes of the same type. For example, you can have two ‘Date’ attributes (toggle / include the time field - which is located in the attribute settings), which would be called ‘Start Date&Time’ or just ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’.


The UX of the time shown will be improved this week :slight_smile: (spacing between date and time).

I’ve also added a slight alternative: Using ‘Text’ attribute to keep track of time.

Hope this was helpful :slight_smile:

We are very confident to see .csv import/export in the next 4-6 weeks, so I think it’ll definitely be under 2 months. :slight_smile:


My main question is on the Gantt / Timeline view, ideally this view will be dynamic in its start/end times rather than static. Most often plans change, and the main static aspects of it being how long tasks take, which resources they use and after which other tasks they start.

My ideal would be a view that supports the following:

  • Duration-based layout as opposed to manual entry of start/end times.
    I.e.: A task would have EITHER a start-date dependent on resources + last end date of preceding tasks, or a static start-date. This would automatically calculate the dates for relevant tasks so you don’t have to change everything if a single task changes starting date.
  • Preceded-by and Subtask-of semantics.
    • Preceded-by: The tasks that need to be finished before this task can start.
    • Subtask-of: Hierarchical grouping in the view, but which also increases the end date of the parent task to minimally that of itself.
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The above feature request / outline can also be handled by writing the updating ourselves (webhooks) or if internal card links are allowed for external integrations (Zapier).

Short term, that would probably work “well enough” for us.

Hey @lumenon_infinity,

Valid point and great suggestions.

Layout or ‘template’ with the timeframe you want is something that would definitely benefit a lot of us Infinity members.

However, as a pretty newbie guy in the dev space, I think this would be a hell of a job for our dev team (which is currently loaded AF, tbh. But the team is expanding, so yeah :slight_smile: )

I’ve recently answered @micheal on the topic of developing ‘automations’, hence dependencies in Infinity: we’re going to stick to creating the ‘core’ of our app which is based on inserting, documenting, structuring and organizing your data.

That means that Gantt will probably won’t have that complex features in the beginning, but rather all the existing ones (Group, Sort, Start/End Date like in Calendar, etc). Also, as we introduce more composite system to the whole app, Gantt (and all other views) will definitely be included in the whole process.

Here is the idea of what it will look like:


Having thought on it, I agree that’s the best approach.

For our purposes webhooks, even the minimal points already exposed to Zapier (update notification, update item), would solve most issues.

Creating an automation for the timeline would not be too much work and I agree that the best approach for Infinity is to offload development for those plugins to the market as to better focus on the core product. (as often the requests are very customer specific)


Do we already have mobile app ready?

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@zulhafizackcorps, hi! :slight_smile:

They’re maybe 75% done. We’re expecting first version available to download in July. :slight_smile:

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Will there be a Mac Version too as it is now easy with catalyst?

Hi, @knuthake,

Probably not this quarter. Mobile apps are a huge priority, but Desktop is not for now.

Question for those asking about the mobile app - what’s your use case here? For my purposes, I can’t think of a reason for me to use an Infinity mobile app, so I’m curious.


Hello Micheal! For me, the mobile app will be a game changer.

I am currently using infinity for myself to organizing my life everything from school, projects, hobbies, yearly themes and more.

I currently using 3 different apps for organizing everything (Microsoft to do for daily items, simple notes as brainstorming/list app and infinity for major projects). A bigger problem for me is the calendar side and when the google calendar integration (using it for my smartwatch) I would like to see everything in one place and interact in there.

Currently, I am restricted from adding daily items (only major projects in infinity) that I want to see and interact with every day (have a widget on the home screen) and I would like to have fewer apps that I use which this would allow by having daily items in infinity and more of the brainstorming.

The coming feature Gnatt view will be extremely interesting as I going to have many deadlines soon and if I will have a visible timeline on every school assignment that will be a major improvement in my life. But when I am adding these things I am often not sitting with the computer in front of me.

The biggest benefit with an app is that you will have it around everywhere and if you are on traveling foot or want to use the app to brainstorm in that is almost a requirement.

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Interesting. I’m organizing my entire digital agency in Infinity, and I don’t see much use for an app. I just say, “Hey Google, remind me when I get to my office to add XXX to Infinity”… easy.

@coa Is Infinity web app not mobile responsive? It would be far less cost in dev resources if you guys developed the web app as mobile responsive from the ground up. With android/ios apps, you’ve got updates on two more platforms to deal with constantly, on an on-going basis. Seems like a no-brainer for a SaaS tool in 2019 to invest in mobile design and just make the actual web app mobile responsive and skip the whole app craze. If people want a web app on their phones, they can put a browser link on their home screen. It just seems like an app is a huge added expense for you guys and I wonder how many people will actually use it. Make sure you guys install analytics on the app to track anonymous usage - if no one is using it, ditch it and focus on mobile responsiveness for the web app.

(Thinking out loud… :))

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I think that @michael mentioned an important factor, namely the usage of available resources but I think a mobile app is still worth it. I tried to use Infinity on mobile but it’s justnot the same. Even after applying RWD there’s still a lot of scrolling and all experience is suboptimal. On the other hand a dedicated mobile app is much better, e.g I don’t dare to use Trello web app on my iPhone but its iOS app is handy and quick to use.

I don’t know how it will be with first version of the apps but I’m sure they are going to be used. In my organization not all classrooms are equipped with desktop or laptop computer but every teacher has a cell phone so I defintely see value here.

Of course, it’s good to exchange ideas and compare all of our use cases :slight_smile:

100%, that’s why I asked about use cases for the app. From what I’ve heard so far, a well-designed, responsive web app would do the trick, and at a lower cost to Infinity than building an app.

Keeping in mind that just because Trello or the current Infinity web app are bad on mobile right now, that doesn’t mean they have to always be that way. For all the resources that Infinity will spend designing and keeping an Infinity app up-to-date on two platforms (assuming they don’t make tablet-specific versions), they could redesign the mobile front-end to be responsive like an app would be and not have to worry about keeping code trees for Android and iOS. It’s really just a matter of where you’re doing the designing.

A great argument for having a mobile app over just a responsive web app is the additional exposure that one might get marketing a mobile app on top of the web app…

I wonder how a tool like would work for Infinity? is having an LTD on it right now.

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Well, the resources have already been used as it is almost completed and to keep it updated is less of an issue so I do not see the argument of wasting resources a factor here and I personally think the majority of the users have a big benefit with an app. The apps can be more specialized to the needs of mobile users and you can use infinity more frequently which I think the developers want. Is there even any popular productivity software without an app on either android or apple?

The problem with a well-designed responsive web app is that it can not use the smartphone to the full potential. Etc. notifications, offline use, faster, cannot use the device utilities and more.


Hey guys @JaY, @micheal, @man!

First of all, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Infinity usage, either the web or mobile version.

Infinity is fully responsive on mobile devices yet. I’m personally using it via Chrome on my mobile device, and although @man has a point where he says it’s not the same, it’s pretty convenient and usable. But I haven’t tried many other PM tools on mobile devices, except for Trello and Jira. And it just isn’t the game changer for me.

As I mentioned before, the first versions of mobile apps will probably be downloadable ending of July, with improvements to the current mobile version. More features included, better UX/UI. But those make roughly 15-20% of improvements to the current version.

Btw. Good news is that we’ve recently hired a new developer who is actively working on improving the current mobile version (via browser) and helping one of our core developers to build mobile apps.

We’ll definitely set up analytics for the usage of mobile apps and track everything. We’re all about tracking and analytics :slight_smile:

But the whole SaaS (or PM) industry is very ‘dependable’ or just highly appreciates mobile apps haha.

All of you, thank you very much, again!


Just to add on to this… I think one of the biggest things a mobile app will provide is offline support. I know this isn’t going to be available in the first iterations, but I need access to the information I have on Infinity on the fly, and I can’t currently do that. With a mobile app, I can access the data I have on 300+ companies, and make quick updates without being at the desk.

Having a web app is fine and all, but when you are able to pull up/add on what you need, whenever you need… You get the point.

My current favorite application of this right now is Notion. My current favorite in terms of functionality is Infinity!