Infinity Update (16 September 2019)

(From our CEO, Stefan)

Hey guys!

The vacation season is over and we’re again in full speed mode. I didn’t post an update for more than a month now, because most of the stuff we did relate to bug fixes and technical improvements, but the product was regularly updated every week. Here’s what new and visible:

:white_check_mark: Performances are now much better with lazy load and optimizations. Board loading still needs to be improved.

:white_check_mark: Calendar v2 - You can now see items in monthly, weekly or daily view.

:white_check_mark: Creating a new folder opens a panel with options to choose a view, load template or import.

:white_check_mark: New and improved folder settings panel.

:white_check_mark: Search now sorts the most recent items by name.

:white_check_mark: A new attribute in the table now goes to the last position.

:white_check_mark: Table summary now includes formats.

:white_check_mark: New icons.

:white_check_mark: Logo in a board is centered.

We did lots of improvements under the hood, fixing bugs, refactoring, etc… I’m just gonna paste this list of things we did in the past 30 days to show you how product development can trick you sometimes in believing that it is mostly about new features :slight_smile:

Merged in bugfix/pipelines-setup

Merged in bugfix/manual-subscription

Merged in refactor/webpack-entry-points

Merged in bugfix/new-table-attribute-position

Merged in refactor/table-header

Merged in refactor/lodash-import

Merged in refactor/filters-matchers

Merged in feature/npm-dev-update

Merged in refactor/remove-feature-flags

Merged in bugfix/invite-members-prop

Merged in improvement/optimize-svg

Merged in bugfix/label-default-data

Merged in bugfix/remove-unused-less

Merged in bugfix/backref-padding

Merged in feature/optimization-attempt

Merged in bugfix/completed-onboardig-fix

Merged in feature/laravel-passport

Merged in bugfix/reset-error-on-registrationt

Merged in feature/purger-css

Merged in bugfix/more-scoped-slots

Merged in refactor/directives

Merged in feature/update-toastr

Merged in feature/import-csv-date-fix

Merged in feature/guide-load-template

Merged in bugfix/table-selected-item

Merged in bugfix/missing-icons

Merged in bugfix/validate-name-maxsize

Merged in bugfix/increase-throttle-limit

Merged in bugfix/template-landing-description

Merged in bugfix/remove-blueprints

Merged in bugfix/template-bugfi

Merged in bugfix/table-labels-bug

Merged in bugfix/export-folder

Merged in bugfix/summary-sum

Merged in bugfix/missing-bell-icon

Merged in bugfix/updates-npm

Merged in bugfix/icons-again

Merged in bugfix/date-in-table

Merged in bugfix/fix-test

Merged in bugfix/icons-in-header

Merged in bugfix/trello-import

Merged in bugfix/calendar-linter

Merged in bugfix/longtext-preview-bold-space

Merged in bugfix/hide-longtext-toolbar

Merged in bugfix/longtext-empty-row

Merged in bugfix/labels-members-sort

Merged in bugfix/column-scroll-select

Merged in bugfix/view-scroll-reposition

Merged in bugfix/hotfix-calendar

Here’s what we’re working on at the moment:

Mobile Apps - Deployment to stores, certificates, automation, updates, legal, marketing and everything else regarding releasing the apps on Google and Apple store is taking some time, but we’re close finishing it. Our goal is to publish them by the end of September.

Zapier v2 (99%) - New version is released, we’re testing it before we transfer all users to the new version. This will enable you to do much more with Zapier like automation inside Infinity, for example: ‘When item gets status To Review, assign new member, write a new comment and send him an email’.

New Dashboard and Settings (90%)
Advanced Permissions and Public Boards (50%)
Forms (30%)
Improvements and Bug Fixing

Features we’re planning to work on next:

Gantt/Timeline View
Recurring Items
Save as Templates
Comments Editor/Attachments

Have a great week! :muscle:


Sounds good!! Keep on going :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Okay, okay, okay…

Thanks for the updates! I check the community forum regularly to see what’s popping with feedback, discussion, ideas and updates. I noticed it’s been quiet for a while. Which makes sense because of summer. I like to see users and Infinity staff mixing it up and I especially love updates and improvements, so I’ve been missing the activity. I’m happy to see things have been/are moving and picking up.

These are fantastic updates and improvements!!! Thanks so much! Looking forward to and excited about what’s coming.