Integrations and Attributes


I really like the way that Stackby has handled some of its integrations, where the data is directly loaded into the table.

This would be a powerful feature to have that allows you to process data from other platforms in a single location, and build out your own custom dashboards, to drive business decision making.

Connect to a third party service to pull information (YouTube, MailChimp, or use services (Google NL, Google Text to Speech, Google Image Recognition and Tagging, Google Translate, etc…)


Additional Attributes

Very very cool! would be awesome!

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I really love this!

Thank you for being so engaging!

I really hope the team will make this as one of the priorities as one of the core values we’d love to offer is ‘the ultimate, all-in-one database for all your work’.

Kudos to Stackby for the API/integrations feature! :clap:



Funny thing is i was reviewing Stackby’s offer and seriously considering buying their $295 life time package (and even that i considered a lot of money right now), then as im reading their reviews i see someone say that “Infinity is offering a way better deal!”

So i checkout out infinity, and the price point you are offering for $99 exceeds the value of Stackby’s premium offer…

Then i was like ok i could buy the equivalent, offer on Infinity, be happy with that and get started from there… But then i thought, if this becomes anything like airtable, i will be able to run my entire business from this software, and i plan to be BIG, like we are talking Global with plans for at least a 1000 year legacy and shaping humanities destiny for the better, Type of BIG.

And so i went from planning to spend $295 to spending $899, which in AUD is something like $1300! I think i got a bargain!

This gives me another idea, @COA you should put together a marketing pack for businesses that make them proud to promote infinity.

I.e. (Business Name) is built to last, It is built on Infinity.



Hey @CodeKnight!

Oh wow. I’m speechless. Thanks for sharing this story, and of course – choosing Infinity! It really joys our hearts. :slight_smile:

I’m 100% with you when it comes to fulfilling your goals and visions regarding building an empire. Go for it, man. And I’m grateful that Infinity might get a spot in that vision and be a part of the journey and huge legacy.

Cheers man, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead. :slight_smile:



Thank you for a great project management tool! I am excited about many of the projects on the RoadMap like the formulas attribute. Is there any news on the Todoist integration?

I would also like to see relational attributes that auto-populate. For instance, the ICE score I have on a project that automagically appears on any tasks relating to the project. It would be a great way to sort tasks aside from the standard tags.

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Hey @dax329, thanks for the comment and welcome to the community.

We’ll definitely have this ability with formulas and integrations in the close future.